How To Find Cruise Deals

Looking for an inexpensive yet luxurious vacation?  Cruises in and of themselves can be a big money saver.  Sure the initial sticker price may be a bit shocking, but taking into consideration that all of your meals, entertainment, lodging, and transportation is all included it really is a steal.  However everyone is looking for a better deal and with these few tips you can find cruise deals that are amazing:

  • Off Season Cruise Deals  The best time to find a cruise deal may be during the off season.  Although the timing or weather may not be ideal, the cruise deal you can get would sure make up for it.  Typically you can find cruise deals between the months of October through April with drastically lower prices and there are still plenty of itineraries to choose from.
  • Cruise Deals from Travel Agents  Travel agents have many connections and are always in the know of the best deals on cruises.  In fact travel agents also get notices of cruise deals before they are released to the general public.  Plus a trained travel agent will be able to take your families wants and needs for a vacation and suggest an itinerary to best suit you.
  • Find Cruise Deals Online  Some people are intimidated by using the internet to book travel but it is honestly one of the best ways to find deals on cruises.  The reason is that since you are booking it yourself you don't have to pay anyone a commission so they are able to offer deals on cruises that may be far less than what you can get at a travel agency.
  • Last Minute Cruise Deals  Probably the cheapest cruise deals are last minute cruises.  The reason for this is because at the last minute cruise lines have to make the decision to either lower the rate dramatically or make no money on that room for that cruise.  Obviously a room at half price is better than a vacant room.  But buyers beware - while last minute cruise deals are cheap, last minute airfare is not.  Therefore if you have to fly to where the cruise departs make sure you can find affordable flights before you book your cruise.
  • Cruise Often  Cruise lines give special incentives to previous passengers to cruise with them again.  So if you have cruised in the past make sure to check with that cruise line to see if they will give you a cruise deal you can't refuse.


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