How To Find Disney World Vacation Packages

Disney World is an alluring place for kids and parents alike. If your family is ready to experience a magical vacation at a Disney park, then follow these tips on how to find Disney World vacation packages for your family.

Step 1

Call a Disney resort travel agent. You can easily find Disney World vacation packages with the help of a Disney resort employee. Contact a Disney agent at (407) 939-7429. You'll be put in touch with the Disney vacation package booking department. Tell her what you're looking for, including your preferred travel dates, how many people you're travelling with, and what special features you need your vacation to have (like a meal plan or a Park Hopper ticket). She will be able to help you find a Disney World vacation package that fulfills all of your needs.

Step 2

Visit online travel websites. If you prefer to do your own searching for Disney World Vacation packages, then check out online travel websites. Visit and to find Disney World vacation packages. You'll have many options available to you, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect Disney vacation package for your family.

Remember that prices vary greatly among Disney World vacations, mainly because of the different types of packages. Some packages are all inclusive, some are only basic, and some are for shorter periods of time. Pay attention to the details of each Disney World vacation package so that you can properly compare them. It might be worth it to opt for a more expensive Disney World vacation package if it includes everything that you're going to need while you're at the park (accommodations, meals, transportation and tickets).

Step 3

Look on Ebay. The travel section on Ebay lists many different Disney World vacation packages. Type ‘Disney' into the search field and you'll be shown a long list of Disney World vacation options. Weed out any that aren't from power sellers or people that don't have good feedback ratings. Then browse the vacation packages for ones that work for you. Often, these Disney packages are open-ended, meaning that you can still choose your travel dates. Compare the features and what is included in the different packages that appeal to you. Then place a bid on a Disney World vacation package. Although some packages are ‘Buy It Now', you can often bid on other packages and if you're lucky, only end up paying a small portion of the regular price for your Disney World vacation package.


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