How To Find Luxury Golf Resorts in Phoenix

Golf resorts are one of the major tourist draws of Phoenix, Arizona. The place has plenty of sunshine and very little rain. The city is often fondly referred to as the Valley of Sun. Recently, Phoenix has proved to be an ideal venue for a round of golf, whether it’s on the highest world stage or a flight of eighteen holes with friends. Due to this, many people go to Arizona—and Phoenix in particular—to experience what the golf course reviews have been raving about over the past few years. There are a lot of golf package to choose from, so it would be easy to choose the one ideal for your needs.

This golf course registry provides a comprehensive list of luxury golf resorts that are in and around the Phoenix area. Here are the few standouts from the list.

  • The Legacy Golf Resort is one of the premiere luxury golf resorts in the area. The property features Mexican-inspired villas, as well as a sprawling clubhouse that hints at the colonial past of Arizona. The course features 18 holes that would surely entice vacationers, whether seasoned experts or beginning golfers. There are also other facilities such as luxury villas for guests, swimming pools, tennis courts, a spa and a full fleet of golf carts ready to service patrons. The greens fee is very manageable and starts and $98.
  • The Arizona Country Club prides itself in being a place where the entire family could stay and enjoy. The golf course has been around since the 1940s, and playing the course from the black tee is one of the most challenging tasks in all of Arizona, according to most golf course reviews. Aside from the golf course, there are also amenities such as a man-made lake where families can go fishing and boating. The club is also host for other activities like outdoor photography and swimming in the country club’s exquisite pools. The food is also reputed to be excellent. The best steaks and ribs come out of the hallowed kitchens of the Arizona Country Club’s grill restaurants.   
  • Wildfire Golf Park prides itself in having golf courses designed by two of the greatest players ever: Nick Palmer and Nick Faldo. As you would expect, the prices for these courses are quite steep, due to the investment the Golf Park spent to have courses designed by these two greats. To accommodate for the differences in skill, there are five tee boxes to choose from. The most novice golfers should try teeing off from the tee box closest to the hole. The green fee for this particular pair of golf courses ranges from $145 to about $200.

Golf is not just a game of skill and endurance. It’s also a game in which players can relax and even do business deals and discussions with fellow enthusiasts. Luxury golf resorts mostly serve this niche—these resorts cater to individuals who have a taste for the finer things in life, including the greens they play on.


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