How To Find Online Travel Services Specializing in Student Travel

The travel industry is a major income earner for most countries. Travel services go far and wide targeting international and local students to boost tourism. It has become an important part of doing marketing campaigns here and abroad. The number of students traveling is increasing each year, and this can give an advantage to most countries, especially Europe. There are numerous online travel services that focus on student travel. Do a student travel search and you will see hundreds of results. These sites accept major credit cards like Visa and Amex. See a few of the most popular ones below.

  1. STA. This website can give you the greatest package deals on a student vacation. It can give you information and tips if you are planning to study or work abroad. It does not only give you information on flight and hotel bookings, but tells you what to expect in traveling as a student. It lets you know how to handle your travel money, gives you reasons why to take rail services, research travel information online, etc. One thing this website offers that could pique your interest is having the price beat guarantee that matches what you have booked with other online agencies. This is a student travel site you should not miss.
  2. Student Universe. Student Universe offers discounted rates for verified students upon arrangement with different airlines. They make sure that the ticket you purchase is cheaper than normal rates and easier to rebook or cancel knowing your school and part time work obligations. If you subscribe to their newsletter you may even win some discount coupons for booking on their site. It is an express student travel site with a few perks. They also have a warped offer called Fareplay in which you can just tell them where your origin of departure is, and they will give you fantastic deals on where to go and what to do.
  3. Student Now. This site offers great deals on hotels, airlines and even car rentals. It also has travel suggestions on whether taking stations services, buses services and others will be more beneficial. It gives you fascinating ideas on the type of trip you can take primarily on adventure sites. It has different topics inside the life of a student. It is a good read even if you are not planning to travel anytime soon.
  4. Smithsonian Student Travel. This is a site focused on travel inside the U.S. This travel site is highly focused on learning during a trip by tried and tested techniques that will involve knowledge with enjoyment for students.

As a student, whether you need to travel for fun or for education, it is vital to do some major planning, especially if you are flying across continents. Getting the best deals and the most flexible fare conditions are certainly major things to remember if you want to travel without a hitch.


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