How To Find Vacation Packages to Orlando Florida

Orlando, Florida has it all: beaches, beauty and great weather. And with all of the theme parks there, Orlando is a great vacation destination for all ages. This guide will you to find vacation packages in Orlando, Florida.

Step 1

Talk to a travel agent. The easiest way to find a vacation package to Orlando Florida is to visit a travel agent. You can visit one at her office, or you can call her from the comfort of your home. Tell the travel agent that you're interested in travelling to Orlando Florida, and she'll have a dozen different vacation possibilities for you to choose from. From vacation rentals to Disney packages and hotel stays over Spring Break, your travel agent will be able to accommodate your requests and help you find a vacation package to Orlando Florida.

Step 2

Browse online. Any online search will bring up thousands of travel websites devotes to vacation packages to Orlando Florida. Surf to and to find vacations packages in Orlando. Compare packages based on the features they offer (length of stay, park tickets, meals, and location). Since there is such a variety of vacations you could take while you're in Orlando Florida, you should really only compare pricing on similar vacation packages. (A hotel room in the city is not going to be priced the same as a vacation rental or a timeshare on the beach.)

You may also want to visit travel websites like and and search for vacation packages to Orlando Florida that way. Look in the vacation packages section and the Last Minute Deals sections for trips to Orlando.

Step 3

Do some reading. There are usually a few vacations to Orlando Florida that can be found in newspapers and travel magazines. Browse through the travel section of your weekend newspaper for vacation packages to Orlando Florida. Always beware of hidden fees. And remember that not all packages include flights. Similarly, you can purchase travel magazines from just about anywhere that will highlight some popular vacation destinations in Orlando Florida. Keep in mind that magazines are not always up to date, so be sure to call to find the most recent pricing and deals on vacation packages to Orlando Florida.

Remember that your vacation package to Orlando Florida doesn't need to be all inclusive. You can often find tickets to the theme parks at a discounted rate on Ebay or other auction websites. Sometimes your newspaper's classified sections will have ads from families who have just returned from Orlando and still have some tickets or coupons they'd like to sell. If you can secure your park tickets for cheaper than you would pay for them in a package, then definitely go that route. Saving the extra money will be one more reason for you to enjoy your vacation in Orlando, Florida.


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