How To Live on Cruise Ships

So you've been on a cruise or two and you think... wow that's awesome! Well, I can personally tell you it is. That is, if you don't mind working a little bit every day. But who minds working when you get to walk off the boat to a beautiful Caribbean destination?

How does this all work you might ask? Well it is not as difficult as you might think. All you really need is a professional photo of yourself, a good resume, and some excellent customer service skills. That's what it is all about... customer service. Cruise Ships aim to please. They want every customer to feel like they are on a one in a lifetime vacation with lots of personal service.

What do you do when you live on a Cruise Ship? Well, for beginners, you live in a really tiny cabin. About 1/3 of the size that the customers have when they are on board the ship. Americans can typically be found performing jobs at the Pursar's desk, the activities staff, the shops, or for the travel excursion desk. I worked for the Pursar's desk. I thought it one of the best jobs on the ship. First, you were always able to take time off once docked in a beautiful destination and second, the job only required about 6 hours of your time a day. Not much when you compare it to many of the other jobs where you would work non-stop for three days or more.

But probably one of the best benefits (minus the excellent travel), is the food. The food is magnificent! You will dine on the same food and the same menus as the guests. Eating lobster and steak every night is always a good deal!

I think the most rewarding part of living on a Cruise Ship thought is the excellent travel you get to experience. You will experience some of the most beautiful places on this earth. St. Thomas, Aruba, and St. Juan are just a few of the beautiful islands you will visit in the Caribbean. Or perhaps you will take a route to Bermuda or the Bahamas. Some ships sail east to European destinations or West to Hawaii. Whatever the itinerary, you know you will be in a beautiful and tropical destination within a day or two.

When you live on a cruise ship you live the life of luxury!



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