How To Plan a College Spring Break Trip

Spring break is fast approaching, so it's time to start thinking about going on the ultimate spring break trip. But before you can start packing, you need to plan your getaway. Here are a few tips to help you plan a college spring break trip that you'll never forget.

Step 1

Decide on your budget. College students are always on a tight budget, so it's important to plan your spring break trip with your budget in mind. Sure, it might be fun to go somewhere exotic, but not if you have to take out a loan to do so. Plan your college spring break trip around a budget you can afford, and stick to it. Set a certain amount of money that you won't spend more than on this trip.

Step 2

Decide who you want to go with you. The best part about spring break is that you can enjoy it with your closest friends. Talk to your close friends, girlfriend or boyfriend and bring up the topic of a college spring break trip. See who's interested in going, see what the general budget is, and then start getting together an idea of how many people you'll need to plan this trip for. You can sometimes get discounts from travel companies if you travel in large groups.

Step 3

Decide what kind of a trip you want to go on. Although rowdy beach destinations are the usual college spring break trip hot spots, you do have other options. You could plan a trip down south to Mexico and volunteer. Many orphanages would be glad to have you. As well, there are always many Central American conservation and home building projects that you can become a part of. Help to rebuild after hurricane damage (with the Storm Corps), tidy up national park trails (with United Way), or build homes for the less fortunate (with Habitat for Humanity). And the good part is you'll still be able to work on your tan while you're away on this alternative spring break trip.

If you'd rather just go on a conventional college spring break trip, you can plan a trip within the U.S. to somewhere warm like Miami, San Diego, or Las Vegas. That will save you from needing to update your passport. Or perhaps you want to see the world and visit Mexico, Cuba or Panama. You can travel to these destinations relatively inexpensively. It's the cost of a room and food that will be the biggest expense on your college spring break trip. Search websites like for inexpensive and great spring break getaway packages.

Step 4

Book early. When you've decided on the perfect spring break trip for you and your college buddies, it's important to book your tickets early. You don't want to be disappointed by lack of availability at your preferred hotel or resort. You'll be required to pay for your trip ahead of time. So make sure that you have enough funds available for the flight (if necessary) and hotel. Most of the time, food and alcohol will be purchased separately by you once you reach your spring break destination. So as you're packing for your spring break trip this year, don't forget to plan for the cost of drinks and meals as well.


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