How To Plan a Trip to Cancun

Cancun, Mexico may offer a variety of different vacation options. Whether you are looking for something that is family friendly, luxurious, romantic, relaxing, or you just want to live it up, Cancun has it all! Best of all, no matter what you are looking for in a vacation Cancun is one of the least expensive vacation destinations. Everything from transportation, to accommodations, to souvenirs is way less expensive than almost anywhere else in the world. So let's get started planning your trip to Cancun! Here a few steps you should take to plan a trip to Cancun to make sure your vacation goes off without a hitch:

  1. Decide what type of Cancun trip you want to plan. Whether you are planning a trip to Cancun for your honeymoon or looking for the ultimate spring break destination, you should have a clear idea of what you intend your trip to Cancun to be. Many of the hotels cater to certain types of crowds so if you are planning a family trip to Cancun you probably don't want to stay at a party hotel. If you are planning a Cancun trip to relax you may want to look for something that is ultra luxurious. Or if you are looking for a trip to Cancun for your honeymoon, you may want to look into a couple's only resort.
  2. Decide between all inclusive or European plans. When planning a trip to Cancun you will notice that Cancun is the leader is all inclusive resorts. All inclusive resorts are wonderful because all of your expenses including meals, drinks (including alcoholic beverages), entertainment, and some activities are included. This makes planning your Cancun trip much easier as you will have these costs up front and won't have to budget for them. The negative aspect of planning your Cancun trip to be all inclusive is that you are limited to restaurants that are the hotel property. However unlike most hotels, all inclusive resorts offer a large variety of restaurants. Some properties offer up to 20 different dining options! If you would rather plan your trip to Cancun without an all inclusive option, look for hotels that offer a European plan. European plans offer the same amenities but to not include the food, drinks, activities, or entertainment.
  3. Choose a hotel that has a couple different properties. If you do decide to plan your Cancun trip with an all inclusive option, look into hotel chains that have a couple sister properties in the area such as the Barceló resorts. If an all inclusive resort has a sister property nearby they will also offer shuttles to take you to the sister properties and you will be able to use all of their amenities. Therefore you will have twice (or three times) the pools, the restaurants, the clubs, the entertainment, and the activities during your trip to Cancun for the same price!


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