How To Plan a Vacation around Film Festivals

Film festivals are the rage in just about every corner of the world. Big name stars as well as the most promising upstarts and independent film producers use these special events as a way to fully express their new brand of creative output. These festivals usually happen in very exotic and well known locales so it should be a fairly interesting prospect to go to a particular destination for a nice time seeing films and the sights and culture that a particular city and town has to offer.

Here are some interesting choices that you may want to visit in pursuit of your love of film and travel.

Cannes, France – This is the big one. Most people consider this film festival as one of the most prestigious festivals internationally. This has legendary hype and the prestige of this event is just through the roof. Many Hollywood stars and high profile directors such as Quentin Tarantino have used the Cannes Film Festival as a chance to show their new films that can potentially be strong candidates for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards season that comes later on in the year. And oh, it doesn’t hurt that Cannes is at the luxurious and picturesque South of France that kisses the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea. When you’re not watching great movies from the world over, you may find yourself getting the finest dinners, bathing at great beaches or even rolling jackpots in the nearby casinos.

Berlin, Germany – The Berlin Film Festival has also seen the film screenings of many great films. These include the best film shorts and full length film experimental projects. Exposure in the festival has often been used as a way to get greater film distribution for the mass market. Berlin is smack dab in the middle of Germany–and Europe for that matter—so it should be a great choice for people who may want to see more of Europe later on. The country shares borders with other great destinations such as France, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Denmark.

Cairo, Egypt – Now wouldn’t this be a great vacation? Cairo has the oldest film festival in the entire Middle East and since it’s one of the most visited countries for tourism, the nation has already a strong infrastructure to support the throngs that come to see the pyramids and other ancient wonders.

Sundance, Utah – The Sundance Film Festival is the largest indie film festival. Sundance was once a non-descript sleepy mountain town that has seen a recent boom due to the film festival. Many gems have been revealed through the film screenings in Utah, and some have gone to winning prestigious awards like the Oscars. As you would expect, the great outdoors would be at your doorstep in this area so if you’re into trekking, biking or skiing, this would be the perfect destination for you.

Wherever you go, make sure that you enjoy the sights and sounds, both inside and outside of the cinema.


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