How To Spend Your Holiday in Egypt

There are a lot of ways to spend your vacation in Egypt, for instance, you can follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and cross the desert on a camel.  Or you can watch the sunset fade away from the sand dunes with your sweetheart. In basic terms, Egypt has a lot to offer anyone who is looking for adventure.

It is basically a misconception that there is nothing but oil and sand in the Middle East. On the contrary, the tourism industry has flourished even with the onset of global terrorism. Naturally, Egypt has a wide variety of hotels that in fact can accommodate almost a fifth of the world's tourist population. There are at least three key cities to spend your holiday on.  

  • The first on the list would be the classic old city of Giza, where three of the oldest pyramids in the world can be seen. It is also where most of the sphinxes are located. It is surrounded by a sea of sand and steep dunes. It is the ideal place to go for a tour in a four wheel drive vehicle or to simply traverse the terrain with an ATV. If you want to go it natural, local tour guides offer camel rides across the dunes and back. And at night you can always stay in at main gathering tents there and watch the nightly shows of belly dancers.
  • Another good place to check out would be the Al Amir Perfume Palace, basically a perfume factory that offers tours of their production structures. You can watch the brewery processes and a preview of their expert glass blower's workshop where they make their perfume bottles. Another good place to travel in Egypt would be Cairo, the largest city in the country. It offers a wide variety of Islamic architectural structures. Being the capital during the British occupation during the 1800's, it's loaded with archaeological museums that basically contain Egyptian history. It contains the Asfour Crystal Factory where the best and most expensive crystals can be seen in its showroom.
  • With your holiday nearing its end, you might as well go and check out the city of Sharm, also known as the City of Peace. It is basically the administrative district of Egypt, where the richest of the sheiks live and where the gods of oil distribution and production party it out. Most consider it as the center of Islam in Egypt and the starting point of the legendary Salah Al Din who led his people against the Crusades in Jerusalem. The southern tip of the area which reaches the edge of the Sinai Peninsula offers some of the world's best corral reefs and beaches, which make it the perfect spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Security would probably be strict due to the local residents being extremely rich.

So remember, in Egypt an adventurous heart can be filled, since the adventures it can offer are as unbound as the grains of sand in the desert.


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