How To Spend Your Vacation Island Hopping in Greece

If you are going island hopping where the gods and goddesses live, how do you take full advantage of your experience?  Surely there is more to do than leaping into the inviting Grecian waters. If it were your first time in Greece, it would be convenient to have a travel agent to organize your tour so you do not need to worry about transportation, destinations, scheduling and a lot of other concerns. You can choose a customized travel package from several travel agencies offering Greek island tours. With your itinerary arranged, you can relax, enjoy, and just experience. Some tips on how to spend your vacation island hopping in Greece could also be very handy. 

  1. Sailing. You can always go island hopping by plane, but to fully appreciate the ‘glory that was Greece'; there is no better way to do that than by sailing. You can find inexpensive boat rides where you will share the trip with several other passengers, but you can always book a private ride where you will enjoy the cruise and everything that goes with it. You can go sailing to the most visited island in Greece, Santorini Island, considered the most beautiful and romantic of all islands, where you can behold one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world.
  2. Excursions. Historical and geological excursions are available in Greek island tours. Whether or not you are a history junkie, you definitely would not want to miss setting foot on the land of Mykonos where the battle between Zeus and the Titan took place or the Castle of Odysseus in Ithaca. Who wouldn't be interested to see where the ancient Olympic games began? Wouldn't you like to stop at Delos, one of the most important and prominent archaeological sites in Greece - known to be the mythical birthplace of the twins Apollo and Artemis? A one-week holiday will definitely not be enough, but however short your vacation is, do not leave Greece without stopping by at least a few major historical sites.
  3. Dine & Wine. You will never forget the place thanks to its food. Greek cuisine varies from island to island, but Greeks are world famous for their Mediterranean diet, not to mention their herbs, spices and olive oil, which they add to almost any kind of dish. You can also enjoy dining in the tavernas (small restaurants) where you will experience traditional and cultural dining that usually starts around 10 pm. Tavernas always have festive ambiance where young and old enjoy music, food and conversations up to the early hours of the morning. Greece is also recognized for its contribution to viticulture and wine production. Never say goodbye to Greece without having a taste of their famous wines.
  4. Island carnival. The Greeks are known for huge parties. They also have the traditional Mardi Gras of Rio and Brazil, although the dates are not the same. The ancient Greeks are known to worship their gods and goddesses through processions and feasts.
  5. Nightlife and parties. You will find great nightlife in Greece. The Greeks are very sociable people and love to celebrate. Famed for its nightlife is Mykonos where a vast number of clubs and bars can be found. Islands also well known for their nightlife are Athens, Paros, Santorini and others.

There are many other places and things that you can experience in your island holidays. But how to spend your vacation island hopping in Greece largely depends on your budget and schedule. Hence, make sure that when you get there, you experience as much as you can to understand what the glory that was Greece really means.


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