How To Stay Safe in Student Travel Tour Groups

Touring is always fun, especially if it is in a foreign country and along with your fellow students. The idea of meeting different people, seeing exotic places, and learning unique cultures, is certainly more educating than just sitting inside the classroom with schoolbooks in hand, especially if it is a language travel. Devoted professors and other members of the academy will surely love taking their students on such tours rather than preparing visual aids, which are sometimes inadequate. However, aside from the usual problem of expenses, the one thing that stops them from encouraging student travel is safety.

They may be sounding like parents when they talk about safety to you and your student tour group, but your teachers may all have the reasons to worry about it. Taking a group of young adults to unusual places with unfamiliar people can be a nightmare. However, student trips have huge advantages so you should make their job a little easier. The following points may help you and your schoolmates stay safe throughout the tour.

  1. Pay students airfare as a group. Aside from the advantage that you may get more discounts for doing so, you may have the chance of getting seats next to each other. Hence, it becomes easier to locate everyone and check each person’s safety throughout the flight.
  2. After the student flight, the group must assemble at the airport lobby to check if everyone is present, that all have their luggage, and to discuss the next destination. This is important in order to discourage bad elements who hang out in the airport to victimize oblivious tourists.
  3. Even before flying to the country where a tour is to be held, the hotel accommodations should be reserved already. Choose a hotel that is conveniently located near your most likely destinations so that trips back and forth are short and safe. Make sure it can give you student discounts.
  4. The tour should have a plan, which each student is required to comply. The plan must be detailed especially in matters of travel routes and schedules. This is to make sure that the trip is smooth and safe, leaving no room for arguments on the road as much as possible and no sudden changes in arrangements that may compromise safety.
  5. Free times cannot be avoided because a travel plan should not be too hectic for students. Those are the times though when risks are higher. These can be lessened, however, if you still go together anywhere near a hotel as a group, avoiding dark and strange places, and wearing clothes that do not attract the attention of criminal characters.

These are just a few of the safety tips needed for a student travel. Depending on the actual destination, other particular pointers should be included in the orientation prior the travel. Even during the tour itself, it is recommended that meetings should be held regularly to assess it, especially with respect to safety.


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