How To Survive Winter Storms

Winter storms are natural occurrences that you can live with, as long as you are prepared to meet them. They are usually predicted so there is no reason for you to miss announcements if you will only pay close attention and are wary of such warnings. The clear message is this: during winter, keep yourself updated with the latest weather bulletins because you will never know when a winter storm will hit your place.

Surviving winter storms is a test of your preparedness in meeting harsh weather conditions. Never ever get caught unaware when a winter storm strikes because your negligence can cost your life and the lives of those you love. Rule of thumb: stay home when winter storms are predicted to hit the area where you live. And unless your work requires continuous presence of a staff, you should not endanger your life by going out for work. In any case, if you have no choice but to go to work, be sure to equip yourself with the necessary survival gear to keep safe.

Upon hearing the warning notice that a winter storm is looming, immediately get ready. The first thing that you should do is to ensure that there is enough food supply in your pantry. Stock up on canned goods as well as grocery items that can last until the weather gets better. Meanwhile, check your water pipes and keep them warm by insulating them to prevent water from freezing. Also bring out your flashlights, batteries and battery operated radios for emergency situations in case the power goes off.

After ensuring that all’s well in the house, pay attention to the members of the family. Make everyone wear thick clothing, complete with scarves, socks and gloves. Remember that frost bite generally starts from the toes, fingers, ears and nose. So be sure to clothe warmly yet comfortably.

In case you are trapped outside during a winter storm, call for assistance at once. Don’t ever stay out overnight because it may cost your dear life. Stay in your car and never abandon that spot unless you see a building or house nearby where you can ask to stay in the meantime that the blizzard is going on.

Winter storms are dreadful and dangerous to life and property. Above all, human life is the foremost concern when this calamity strikes. But since our properties such as our homes and vehicles are necessary part of living, we might as well guarantee their safety during winter storms. Hence see to it that your house is capable of tolerating the weight of snow and the gusts of snow-laden winds.

Enduring and surviving winter storms entails a lot of readiness. At best, being prepared both physically and mentally can help you survive. Winters can dampen the heart and spirit and depression can set in. For this reason, try to be occupied with activities you like while holed up in your home. And above all, adopt a cheerful disposition to help you get by even after winter is over.


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