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Many people look to the ocean to get away from the hustle and bustle of the life of the typical landlubber. Out on the open seas, there's no traffic, no pollution borne from car exhaust, no towering skyscrapers blocking the sun's warmth. There's only the gentle rocking of the waves and the joy you get from the company you keep.

It's because of this that cruises are popular summer getaways. To some individuals, there's nothing quite like going on a 24-hours-a-day party separated from the confines of the land. Throw in dozens of like-minded, fun-loving people to join in on the fun, and you've got a recipe for a great time. If you're looking to go on a cruise for some high times on the high seas, can definitely help you out! is touted as the ultimate online cruise resource, with over five million visitors, more than 250 reviews on cruise ships, and information on cruise dates, schedules and prices. The website caters specifically to cruise lovers, updating them with the best deals on the latest cruises. Visit them at to get started on your cruise vacation.

The website opens up with daily updates on cruises and the news that affects them. Anything, from weather to health conditions, is in their comprehensive coverage of all things cruising. The yellow menu bar on the top of the page will link you to various helpful areas of the site. The first item on the menu will take you to their boards, where, as a member, you can chat with other cruise aficionados.

Membership is free, and the individuals on the boards are very friendly. You can ask for personal feedback on a cruise you've been looking at, ask for tips on going on cruises, and talk about anything under the sun with the site's community. You can even organize a group meet-up (on a cruise ship, of course!).

  • The "Cruise Styles" item on the menu will drop a list of different kinds of cruises, from disabled-friendly cruises to world cruises. Clicking on a category will redirect you to a page where you can find the best bookings for the respective cruise style, along with a brief introduction on the style you selected.
  • The "Deals" link will take you to the best offers the website has found, with promos, discounts, and special cruises waiting for your reservations. If you're searching for a specific cruise, look no further than "Find a Cruise", which will help you search for a cruise based on your preferences. 
  • The website is incredibly friendly to first-timers, with the "Planning" link bringing you to information on cruise basics and a guide for first-time cruisers. Right next to "Planning" is the "Reviews" page, in which you'll probably spend a great deal of time looking for that perfect cruise. The reviews are constantly being updated and will help you determine the quality and overall fun factor of the cruises. has everything a die-hard cruise-goer wants in a website. Just head to the website, and explore the wealth of information it has to offer.


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