How To Find Fireworks Displays in London

We all know that in England in the early part of November, all you need to do is look in any direction on a weekend and you will be sure to see fireworks galore.  But what if you want to see more than just a couple of rockets being set off, or if you want to find a fireworks display at another time of year?

Magazines such as Time Out and View London will contain extensive lists of the fireworks displays that are going on in and around London for Guy Fawkes Night along with the time and location.

Some of the biggest fireworks displays in London for Bonfire night take place at Alexandra Palace, Battersea Park, Bishops Park and Blackheath.  You can find details of these in the aforementioned magazines or online by using the name of the location along with the word "fireworks".

If you want to use online resources then the search terms "Guy Fawkes", "Fireworks" and "London" will yield multiple results; try adding the year if you want to narrow down your search results or specify a specific area within London to narrow it even further.

Be sure to check your local papers and neighborhood papers for more information coming up to occasions that make use of fireworks, as local events will be listed several weeks in advance with details of where to purchase tickets if needed or the entry price at the gate if there is one.

Guy Fawkes is not the only event which will lead to large numbers of fireworks displays in London; other events that will often lead to large organized firework displays include the New Year (January 1st), Chinese New Year (end of January or early February), Diwali (the Hindu Festival of Lights; takes place in late October) and special occasions such as the appointment of a new Lord Mayor or a Jubilee year.

Be sure to make use of the search engines online, again utilizing search terms such as the name of the celebration alongside the word "fireworks" and "London", and local resources such as newspapers and magazines to get full details of the organized fireworks displays in your area.

If you are not looking for fireworks related to a specific event but just want to see if there are any displays going on in your area, or contact a company to arrange a display, then you can still use the phrases "fireworks" "London" and the current year and/or month "2009" or "August 2009" to find details of anything that may be going on.


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