Plan a Trip to Austria

Austria is a beautiful country, and you can easily plan a trip there if you do the right research.

  • First, you need to plan to obtain a passport. Obtaining a passport for a trip can be time consuming, taking anywhere from one month to three months. So plan and apply early for your trip. The price of a passport runs anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on how quickly you need it. Plan your trip to Austria accordingly.
  • Next, you will need to plan your budget for your trip. You really can't skip this step because the amount of money you have will dictate whether you are planning a three week grand tour of Austria or a quick one week trip.  Keep in mind that your trip budget needs to include air fare to Austria, lodging costs, food expenses, and any transportation costs while in Austria.  If you plan early, you can get the best prices on air fare to Austria.
  • There are numerous lodging options in Austria, including everything from first rate hotels to hostels and camping.  Planning this part of your trip will depend on taste and your budget. When planning your food budget, make sure you make it to one of Austria's world famous cafes. Austria is famous for these coffee houses, and no trip there is complete without seeing one of them.
  • Based on your budget, you will need to plan what sites you need to see in Austria. Vienna, the capital, will be high on the list, as it is home to many historical and cultural sites of Austria. If you're planning your trip for May or June, check out the Vienna Fest, a celebration of the culture of Austria that lasts a full five weeks.
  • Salzburg is another city to plan to see if you really want an Alpine experience of Austria.  Of course, no trip to the country is complete without medieval castles, and as you research your trip, you'll find Austria offers plenty of them.
  • As your trip date nears, you will need to plan what to pack.  Lighter is always better, but keep in mind that Austria's weather varies by area. If you are traversing large areas of the country, plan accordingly.
  • Don't be overwhelmed. You can easily plan a trip to Austria if you start early. So, get ready for a trip to the birthplace of Mozart and the setting for The Sound of Music. Enjoy planning your trip to Austria!


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