How To Plan a Trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in all of Europe.  If you are inclined to plan a trip to Switzerland, you should start by buying a tourist planning guide.  There are several versions but Michelin is a very good one to start with, because it contains photographs of some of the more picturesque areas.  The Michelin guide has a very good rating system to help you decide on which areas to explore first.

As Switzerland is land-locked, there is a multitude of ways to get into the country and start exploring it.  If you fly into the country, you may want to fly into Zurich or Geneva when you start to plan a trip to Switzerland.  When leaving Zurich, it is recommended to travel to the nearby city of Lucerne.  This is a magnificent city nested right in the middle of the Alps and surrounded by a great wooden wall that was used to prevent intruders from entering.  This is the city where William Tell shot the apple off of his son's head.  You will want to spend the entire day touring the city and all of the fortress towers of Kapellbrucke on the wall surrounding the city.

From Lucerne it is recommended to travel to the beautiful city of Interlaken in your plan to travel to Switzerland.  This is a tiny town nestled between the two Alpine lakes of Breinz and Thun amongst the Bernese Highlands. It appears that the mountains jut straight up from the lakes directly up to touch the sky.  The drive through the Lauterbrunnen valley of waterfalls is absolutely magnificent.  From Interlaken one can travel to the nearby city of Jungfrau and on to Grindelwald to view some of the most picturesque peaks in Switzerland.

From Interlaken and Jungfrau, it is a short trip over to Montreux on the French border, where one can see Mt. Blanc, the tallest peak in the Alps.  From here you can tour the Chateau de Chillon right on Lake Geneva.  From Montreux it is about a four hour drive to Zermott where one can catch a train to the Alpine village of Saint Nick.  One has to catch a train to this village because they do not allow cars in it.  Upon arriving, you will see the most magnificent mountain in all of the Alps.  When creating a plan to travel to Switzerland, one cannot miss an excursion to the Matterhorn right on the Italian border.  This is the setting of many a Hollywood movie.

If you still have time available, one might also include trips to the towns of Basel, Bern and Geneva.  And no ski trip would be complete without a trip to St. Moritz.  When you get home, you will most certainly commence with a new plan to travel to Switzerland again!


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