How To Plan a Trip to Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Everyone should plan at least one trip to Sydney in their lifetime.Here's how to get started:

When planning your trip to Sydney, the first thing you'll need is a passport.  You can apply for a passport at some post offices.  Go to for more information on obtaining a passport for yourself and your travel companions.  

If you already have a passport, your next step is to research flights.  Many airlines offer great deals on trips to Sydney.  You can check any major airline that has international flights for deals.  However, some of the best vacation packages for trips to Sydney can be found at  Deals on hotels can also be found there.  If you would prefer to stay in an apartment during your time in Sydney, offers a large selection.  

Remember: flights to Sydney from Los Angeles are about fourteen and a half hours long, so be prepared for such duration.  Also, when choosing a hotel, try to select one that is in the city centre.  Being centrally located in as large a city as Sydney is will make your trip much more convenient.  And be sure to remember that Sydney is in the Southern Hemisphere, and so is on opposite seasons with the United States.  When it is summer here, it is winter there.

Once you have arrived in Sydney, exchanged your money, and rested after the flight, you may want to begin sight-seeing.  But where to go and what to do?  Even though the airport offers free booklets that provide listings of places to go and things to do, planning ahead is always a good option.  However, always leave room to explore the city without a time schedule.  Sometimes just walking around a new city and talking to the locals is more fun than any attraction.

Spend a day in Darling Harbour.  Have tea in the Chinese Garden of Friendship - a beautifully tranquil place in the middle of a large city.  From there, stroll down to the Sydney Aquarium.  You may also want to visit the IMAX Theatre, go shopping in the many shops, visit the Australian National Maritime Museum, or maybe even the Star City Casino - all of which within easy walking distance.  For more information on things to do and attractions in the Darling Harbor section of Sydney, Australia, visit

You may also wish to spend a day at The Rocks, one of the most historical sections of Sydney.  The Rocks offers pub tours as well as ghost tours.  There are plenty of shops and restaurant in this part of Sydney, as well as the opportunity to go on a guided climb of Sydney's famous Harbor Bridge.  For more information and attractions at The Rocks, visit

The Rocks is actually a short distance to Circular Quay and one of the most famous landmarks of Sydney (if not the most famous): the Opera House.  Seeing a performance here is an absolute must.  The acoustics are stunning and the Opera House is magnificent.  Visit for information on performances happening during your trip.  Take the time to browse the gift shop or maybe even take a guided tour of the Opera House.

A trip to Sydney is incomplete without visits to at least one of the beaches.  Manly Beach ( is just about a thirty minute ferry ride away from Circular Quay near the Opera House.  Bondi Beach, which is probably the biggest and most popular beach in Sydney, is a short bus ride away from the city centre.

Of course, if shopping is what interests you the most, go to the Queen Victoria Building.  You will not be disappointed.  For more information on the QVB, visit

Whatever you decide to see and do in Sydney, your trip there will be one you will remember forever.


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