How To Recognize Different Types of Flags and Banners

Row of different country flags

There are different types of flags and banners that are used everyday. These flags and banners are used for decorative purposes, for safety, in competitions and a lot more. Flags and banners are usually made of soft materials so that they can blow in the wind. The material must also be water proof so that it does not easily tear up when it rains.

Here are some examples of the different types of flags and banners:

  1. National Flags. A national flag has signs and images that symbolize a nation. National flags come in different colors and designs. The elements that are put on a national flag symbolize the patriotism of a particular nation. Flags can also symbolize the independence and unity of a nation. National flags are used in ceremonies, special national events and other important events for the country.
  2. Pennant Banner. A pennant banner is composed of different pieces of flags that are attached together with a string. This type of banner can be made out of fabric or paper. They are used as decorative flags in parties, sports events, fiestas or gatherings. The most common type of pennant banner is the one that is made out of different colors of triangular shaped flags. They can also have patterns and letters written on them.
  3. Team Flags. Team flags are the ones that are used by sports teams. This can be a national sports teams or even school sports teams. They are used in different sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball and more. These custom flags can have a printing of a school mascot or the name of the school. They are made in the color that the team wears. Team flags are also a way to boost the spirit of a team during a competition.
  4. Party Banners. Party banners are the type of banners that are put up on walls during parties. They may be used for graduation parties, birthday parties, anniversaries and others. These party banners are rectangular in shape and can come in different colors. They can be customized to give a greeting. These banners can be made of paper or stronger materials. Party banners can be created by individuals on their own.
  5. Railway Flags. Railway flags are the ones that are used in railway stations. There are three colors of flags that are used in railway stations. The first one is the yellow flag. When the yellow flag is raised, the train can proceed moving with caution. The green flag is used when the tracks are clear and the train can proceed at normal speed and the blue flag is used when there is work in progress. Railway flags are used for safety.

These are some of the types of flags and banners that are used everywhere. Some of these flags are for decorative purposes and others are used as symbols of what a nation or a team stands for. Most of these flags and banners are created with strong materials so that they can withstand long periods of use.


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