How To Visit Washington DC

Washington DC is one of the most exciting and memorable places to visit in the United States. The nation's capital is brimming with arts and culture, history, architecture, politics, adventure as well as diversity of people touring the state for the first time. Washington DC offers a lot of activities for first time visitors. Because it is the country's center of politics, tourists flock to see the White House, the Capitol Building, Washington and Jefferson Memorials and a lot of other historically, culturally and politically related museums and sites. It also boasts of fine hotels, restaurants and nightspots. A one day experience in Washington DC is absolutely not enough to enjoy the place but a few suggestions can probably help you start preparing your visit to the United States' seat of government.

  1. Determine the best time to visit Washington DC as this is a huge factor that will affect your budget. Consider special events or holidays, weather or seasonal factors as well as peak tourism periods. Some museums, establishments and government offices close during stormy weather. Tourist attractions like the Smithsonian museums are closed on Christmas day. Plenty of visitors arrive from March through June and September through November. For these reasons, it is best to know the best time to visit prior to booking your flight and anything else. Hotel rates normally shoot up at peak tourism times and you do not want to visit when most attractions are closed.
  2. Plan which places to visit. Washington DC offers plenty of historical attractions. While you can have a comprehensive tour by paying a travel agency, you can visit most of the places for free. That includes a guided tour of the White House. Among the places you can visit without paying money are the Arlington National Cemetery, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, C & O Canal, Navy Museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Union Station, JFK's old house, the National Archives, DuPont Circle, etc. It is important to determine the points of interest that you would love to visit prior to committing to a package tour. You may have some place you do not want to miss but is not included in the itinerary and may require some fee. There are day tours, night tours as well as dinner cruises. You may want to experience panoramic views while dining aboard a premier dining ship. If you are more of a night person who prefers fine dining and nightlife, you can check guides for DC restaurants and nightspots online. Have a thorough check on all the places and activities you want to experience so as not to miss a thing.
  3. Book your flight early, at least four to eight weeks before arriving. That way you have a greater chance of getting the best deal. You can purchase flight tickets online as well as book your hotel.

You can obtain all necessary information from the web prior to visiting Washington DC. From tourist attractions, food, hotels and employment opportunities, you will be surprised that Washington DC has it all.


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