How To Learn about Zipline Tourism

There are continuous efforts in discovering creative ways to enjoy and take full advantage of the beauty possessed by Mother Nature. One proof is the rising popularity of a new sport called Ziplining. This unique way of showcasing nature's splendor involves hanging high above the ground at a certain elevation while your body is secured by a harness. This harness is connected to a cable joining two trees with respective platforms. You are then zipped across the cable while you enjoy the lovely sights seen only when airborne, before you reach the other tree's platform.

Tour operators and companies offering eco-tours from different spots in the world invest in the construction of ziplines, which are aerial lines, specifically wire ropes, installed at strategic points in scenic areas. Ziplines are usually built 35 to 200 feet above forests and rivers, allowing you to admire the scenery while seemingly flying. Before engaging in ziplining, there are several things you should be aware of. Here are tips on how to enjoy the experience.

  1. What to wear. If you are planning to go ziplining on your vacation, you should be aware of the dress code required by zipline operators so that you know what to pack while preparing for the trip. You will only be allowed to ride if you are wearing a t-shirt, lightweight pants and closed-toe shoes. For safety issues, the zipline operators have the right to prohibit you from ziplining if you are clothed otherwise.
  2. What to remember for your safety. Aside from requiring the proper attire, you will also be asked to wear a helmet and sometimes, a pair of gloves. Personal belongings such as a camera, sunglasses, wallets and the like will most likely fall during the ride so it is advised that you free yourself of these items before engaging in the adventure. Caps and bandanas must be removed and long hair must be tied up to keep it away from the overhead cable.
  3. Where to experience Zipline tours. The islands of Kauai and Maui in Hawaii house several Zipline attractions.  In Kauai, Just Live and Kauai Backcountry Adventures are two zipline eco-tour companies frequently patronized by travelers. Maui, on the other hand, has Skyline Eco-Adventures having 5 zipline crossings. What's more, you can experience ziplining not only in vacation spots. If you wish to build your own zipline in your backyard, vacation house or your own resort, there are zipline kits made available by shops like Outdoor Fun Store. The store offers complete zipline kits with swing sets, wire ropes, slides and other accessories. You can order the installation service or you can opt to buy the do-it-yourself kit.   

Zipline operators are already present in tourist spots worldwide, making it a recreation that is easily accessible by both nature-lovers and adventure-seeking travelers. Ziplining, whether experienced in the comfort of your own backyard or in an attraction by eco-tour operators, is sure to leave you with heightened senses and a feeling of awe.


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