How to Get a Disney Dollar

Disneyland is a haven for millions of children. Recognized worldwide, Disney has been famous for many things like classic cartoons, theme parks, movies, souvenirs, toys and dollars.

Just like in casinos where you buy chips to play, you can buy Disney dollars in Disneyland. Since Disney dollars can be used throughout Disneyland and Disney Hotels, buying tickets, food, toys and other things become a lot more exciting and fun. Adults, and especially the kids, enjoy using this currency. Collectors all over the world collect Disney dollars both for fun and, well, to add to their collectibles. Some buy Disney dollars as souvenirs of their enjoyable stay in Disneyland. On the other hand, some people use it as their savings. What they do is convert their USD to Disney dollar and keep it. This way, they can keep their money simply because you cannot use a Disney dollar just anywhere.

Made of paper and colored graphics, this dollar is of the same size as the US dollar bill and looks somewhat similar. Each Disney dollar bill has a different character like Mickey, Goofy, Donald, etc. Lately, Pirates of the Caribbean dollars have been printed.

Would you like to have your own collection of Disney dollars? Here are the places to go in Disneyland to buy Disney dollars:

  • Disneyland ticket booths
  • Disneyland Hotel Monorail Station
  • Disneyland Hotel front desk
  • Penny Arcade
  • City Hall
  • Newsstand
  • Disney Showcase
  • Main Street's Emporium Jewelry counter
  • Carefree Corner
  • Star Trader
  • Premiere Shop
  • Starcade
  • Tinker Bell Toy Shoppe
  • Carriage Place

Places outside Disneyland where you can acquire Disney dollars:

  • Disney Store - Search the Internet for a Disney store that is nearest to your location. You can even buy some older bills there. Malls have Disney stores
  • Disney gift shops at Disney resorts
  • EBay Disney Dollar Store - Showcases both old and new bills, which are packaged between cardboards for delivery.
  • Magic Kingdom Guest Relations

Although Disney dollars are commonly purchased, some sites offer Disney dollars as rewards. All you have to do is shop, try new products, perform surveys, watch movie clips, read emails and many more. Once you get your Disney dollars, you can splurge all you want, but only in Disney theme parks, Disney Stores, Disney cruise ships and the Disney Cruise-line's private island, the Castaway Cay. By the way, to get one of your own Disney dollars, the exchange rate of USD to Disney dollar is $1. If the Disney dollar was considered the primary currency, it might have been included in the list of the most popular currencies in global FOREX trading. But to date, the U.S. dollar is the most traded in foreign currency trading.


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