How To Make Chicory Witloof Hawaii

The Chicory variant 'Witloof' is now getting populair around the world. In dutch we call it 'Witlof' or 'Brussels Lof', because it originated in the belgian area of Brussel. Witlof means 'White Leaf'.

Traditionally witlof is made in the oven, with jambon and cheese, and witlof makes great salades as well. Witlof hawaii is based on 'blanched' witlof, just slightly heated, not cooked, like a hot salad. you need only 1 pan.


  • 500g rulled (runder) meat (vegetarians: replace with some sweet beans)
  • 750g Witlof
  • 1 can (350g) pine apple (or 1/2 fresh pine apple)
  • 1 can (100g) concentrated tomato or 3-4 fresh tomatoes.
  • some fresh garlic


  1. Bake the rulled meat, for 8-10 minutes. Add some garlic.

  • Add the pineapple and tomatoes.
  • Let the mix get hot (5 minutes).
  • Meanwhile, clean the witlof: remove outer leaves, cut in half, remove the solid part inside. Cut in 1" pieces.
  • Once the meat/pineapple mixture is hot, add the witlof. Let the lof get hot for another 1-2 minutes on medium-high fire while stirring a few (2 or 3) times. Be sure not to cook the loaf to long, it will get bitter. 2 minutes should do!.
  • Serve with baked or fried patatoes.

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