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  • How To Develop a Signature Style

    Have you ever had a friend say that's so you when looking at an article of clothing? If so, then you're well on your way to developing a signature style.
  • How To Hug a Girl

    Giving a hug may seem simple at first, but if you are in a new relationship, hugging a girl can be an awkward new experience. If you have no idea, here’s how to hug...
  • How To Get a Flat Stomach Fast

    If you have a reunion or event coming up, want to show off your stomach at the beach, or are just tired of a flabby stomach, the following will help you get a flat...
  • How To Shop with your Preteen Girl

    When a daughter gets into the preteen stage, she starts shopping for fancy designs and styles different from those of her parents.
  • How To Wear a Hat

    Through the years, hats have evolved as a fashion statement. These tips will help you wear a hat with confidence and free from possible fashion faux pas.
  • Tips for Organizing a Successful Clothing Swap

    A clothing swap is a win-win situation for everyone involved as it doesn't involve the exchange of money. Learn how to hold a successful clothing swap with your friends.
  • How To Dress Business Casual for Men

    Although success is normally associated with more formal business attire, here's how to know the best way to dress 'business casual' as well.
  • Dressing for Graduation: Formal Dress for Boys and Girls

    Graduation is a much-awaited event by college seniors. This is not only a celebration of success but also a time for families, faculty members, and students to gather...
  • How To Shop for Lingerie

    There are three specific kinds of lingerie—the brassieres, the panties and the nightgowns. Lingerie can add spice and confidence to the user.
  • How To Look a Size Smaller with Fashion

    Whether you’re a plus size or you simply got a little bigger, you can still make wonders with the way you dress. Here are some tips that can help you look a size...

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