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  • How To Find Personal Assistant Care

    Finding the right personal assistant can be a challenge, but the services of a caring, committed, high-quality personal assistant are well worth the effort. Good...
  • How To Peel an Orange

    Peeling an orange doesn't have to be a prolonged struggle that ends with orange rind jammed under your fingernails and a spray of orange oil across your face. Learn to...
  • How To Have a Cat-Friendly House

    Having a cat-friendly house will keep your cat happier and healthier, and make your life much easier. Learn about ways to make your house safe and fun for your cat.
  • How To Make Pasta From Scratch

    Making fresh pasta is quite straightforward, and if you have a taste for fresh pasta, it's much cheaper to make your own than to buy it. Once you master the basic...
  • How To Get Someone to Hate a Television Show You Love

    There's nothing more exciting than introducing a friend to a television show you love, and firing him or her with enthusiasm to watch more. Learn about what not to do...
  • How To Make Tembleque

    This flavorful, rich pudding is popular in Central America, but it can be made anywhere, and it pairs with cuisine from a wide range of nations. It's also a snap to make.
  • How To Get a Cat to Stop Pooping in Potted Plants

    Learn how to keep cats out of potted plants, which will make your houseplants happier, your floors cleaner, and your house smelling much more pleasant.
  • How To Make Your Breasts Look Fuller

    Sometimes, there are days when full breasts are just necessary: maybe you're going on a date, hitting the town, or just wanting a healthy dose of self-esteem....
  • How To Write a Job Description

    Writing a good job description isn't a major challenge - but it is important, and it's a good idea to update job descriptions as they change with the shifting nature...
  • How To Send Out Graduation Announcements

    Graduations are always exciting, and most people are glad to hear the news about a graduation. However, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind when sending out...

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