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  • How To Make a Brine

    Are you sick and tired of dry, flavorless chicken breasts? How about pork chops that taste and feel like you're chewing on a penny loafer? Well, if that's the case...
  • How To Make Hollandaise Sauce

    An examination of hollandaise sauce, one of the most versatile and delicious mother sauces in the culinary world. Also discussed are the various permutations and...
  • How To Compare and Choose Tequila

    A brief examination of tequila and its different grades. Also, subjective advice about selecting various of the tequila varieties for different uses.
  • How To Make Homemade Baby Food...Cheap!

    A basic recipe for making homemade baby food. This basic recipe can be altered greatly to accommodate different tastes, nutritional requirements or restrictions.
  • How To Make Chili to Cry Over

    A recipe for Chili to Cry over, a recipe handed down from my wife's side of the family. Chili to Cry Over is an authentic Texas-style chili that doesn't have any beans...
  • How To Make a Roux

    Roux ain't scary. Anyone with a heat source, some fat and some flour can make this classic French cuisine base for everything from soups to souffles. With varying...
  • How To Build a Charcoal Cooking Fire

    A concise examination of charcoal cooking fires, materials, fuels and igniters. Also, coal banking and temperature regulation and testing will be discussed.

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