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    When one of two friends starts to cross the borderline into romanticized friendship, it becomes uncertain, uncomfortable, uneasy and unsettling.
  • How To Perform Ablution Before Praying in Islam

    It is mandated by the Holy Quran that every Muslim should perform an Ablution or must clean oneself with clean water before performing Salat (prayer). Here’s how.
  • How To Understand the Six Articles of Faith in Islam

    Islam is a way of life, and it does not have a complicated theology. There are only six basic principles that every Muslim should study, understand and comply with.
  • How To Forget a Guy

    Ending a relationship with a guy causes a great deal of heartache. Follow this guide and you will be able to forget about him and move on with your new life.
  • How To Survive a Failed Relationship

    How will you forget the guy that has been the center of your life for sometime? Here are some useful and helpful tips.
  • How To Know if He Is Still into You

    It's been a month now and you and this interesting guy from your class have been together almost every weekend, watching movies or just hanging out by his place or...

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