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  • How To Find Other Christian Singles

    Remember the old adage that says, Birds of a feather flock together? That bring us to the need of helping other single Christian find those of there kind. It is in...
  • How To Live Happily with Your Wife

    My fellow men, hear me -- the peasant farmer in Colombo and the oil rig owner in Texas have one thing in common: they are both capable of finding women of their choice...
  • How To Reap What You Sow in the Kingdom of God

    While the earth and heaven remains, seed time and harvest.... summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease
  • How To Overcome an Inferiority Complex as a Christian

    Some of us have had very bad backgrounds, but that does not count anymore for if anyone is in Christ, the old has passed and all is new.
  • How To Support Your Pastor

    As we minister to you spiritual things, ye also minister unto us with material things.
  • How To Succeed as a Prayer Champion

    People go to overnight prayers and cannot go beyond two hours because they didn't have items to pray for. The prayer session becomes boring and the night is wasted....
  • How To Succeed in Life as a Youth

    Remember God in thy youth and let not the fantasies of that age overshadow God in your life. Put Him first in whatever you do. Seek His guidance in whatever you intend...
  • How To Create an Effective Sermon

    Bear in mind that the sermon you preach to prisoners is slightly different from the one to the luncheon of a professional group, and also different from a school...
  • How To Preside Over a Sunday Service

    If you are appointed to a position to lead a Sunday service or any church service, you are full of anxiety, especially if it is your first time. You can sometimes feel...

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