Having a car is one of the biggest material investments of your life. Depending on how you handle it, it’s also one of those assets that can either bring you a great deal of joy and satisfaction, or nuisance. Our car writers aim to help you make sure you get the former, not the latter. Browse through our extensive collection of auto coverage and do-it-yourself car maintenance tips.

Looking for a great resource on driving and safety tips? Our experts will tell you all you need to know about the differences between driving an automatic or stick shift. Of course, you’ll need a driver’s license first – we’ll help you ace the test. We help you find car ratings, figure out your braking distance, and much more.

Is your car or truck in need of repair and troubleshooting? Learn how to do common car repair work yourself – save a few bucks in the process! You can install a car battery yourself, for example, or charge one. You can change your car brake pads. Figure out how to get your windshield wipers to work better. Fix that flat tire. We provide step-by-step instructions for your convenience.

Time to sell your car or buy another one? You can find detailed guidelines here. You’ll find all you need to know about buying and selling online or from car dealers (the art of negotiation), as well as test driving, financing and more.

As a car owner, it’s in your best interest to find a sound insurance plan for your vehicle. Our experts discuss the benefits of auto coverage policy, why you need auto gap insurance, and how you can find the best rates and quotes for these plans.

Cars and trucks can really offer a variety of projects and problems. Learn about how your car runs, how to drive it in different conditions, and how to maintain it. Spare yourself from extra expenses and be a car expert yourself. Find information on anything automotive here!