6 Insider Tips on How To Advertise Your Car for Sale

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Have you got an old car that you need to sell? Maybe you're daunted by the prospect of having to advertise your car. 

Whether you have a classic car, an old banger, or a car that is only good for spares and repairs, there is a market for it. Reports show that used car sales are booming. So, is it time to sell your car?

In this article, we'll share six insider tips on how to advertise your car for sale. 

1. Find the Best Place to Advertise Your Car

There are lots of online avenues you can go down to advertise your car for sale. You could list your car on a specialist site like Autotrader, put it up for sale on eBay, or even sell it through Facebook Marketplace.  

You should also consider putting a sign in the window of your vehicle, placing an ad in a newspaper, or placing ads up on public noticeboards. 

The more places you place your classified car ad, the more chance you'll have of selling it sooner. 

2. Write a Detailed Description

Wherever you list your vehicle, write a full and detailed description. Include details about the milage of the vehicle, as well as how long you've owned it, and why you're looking to sell. 

The more information you can give, the better your chances will be of finding a buyer. 

3. Talk Up the Cars Best Features

Your description needs to lead with the car's best features. Is it a reliable runner? Is the mile to the gallon high? Have there been any modifications made to it?

Including key features like this in your listing will vastly enhance your chances of selling. 

4. Take Great Photos

Buyers need to see what they're buying. Take some high-quality photos of your car. Take some from every angle. Include a shot of the dashboard that clearly shows the car's mileage. 

If the car has any defects, do take a photo of it. You need your listing to be as honest as possible. 

5. Set a Realistic Asking Price

If you want a quick sale for your vehicle, you need to set a low price. That's not to say that you shouldn't aim to get as much as possible, but if you try and push for more than the vehicle is worth, you shouldn't expect anyone to buy it in a hurry. 

There are plenty of car valuation websites online, be sure and find out how much your car is worth before listing it. 

6. Be Honest About the Car's Condition 

Finally, be completely transparent about the condition of the vehicle. If it needs work doing to it, list the repairs needed. This stops you from wasting someone else's time on a car that doesn't suit their needs. 

If your car needs a lot of work, consider selling it for spares, repair, or to a salvage company such as Cashautosalvage.com

How to Advertise Your Car for Sale

Now that you've read these car advertising tips, you'll be ready to advertise your car. Do make sure that you're honest in your listing. Take plenty of photos, give a detailed description, and list the vehicle on a number of selling sites for maximum exposure. 

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