How To Get Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Many companies that insure automobiles also have divisions to insure motorcycles. As a general rule, all insurance quotes should be free of charge. Never pay for a insurance quote. Liability coverage for motorcycles usually costs much less than liability coverage on cars. Plan on getting at least three or four different quotes before you commit to a particular company. Many insurance companies also give discounts to members of certain groups and associations; association members, such as members of AARP and AMA may receive discounts as high as 10% from certain insurance companies.

Where to look? You have several options to aid you in your search for motorcycle insurance.

  1. Get an online insurance quote. This is usually the cheapest way to get insurance and it takes about ten or twenty minutes. Online quotes are usually cheaper because this method eliminates the need for a middleman such as an insurance agent. If you do a little research, you'll find that the same company may offer different prices for the exact same service depending on how you order that service -- and the online price is almost always lower than talking to an agent. Getting an online insurance quote carries other advantages as well. You can adjust your coverage and see how it affects your rate. You can also add or remove drivers. Several companies now allow you to manage your entire policy online.

    There are some instances where ordering an online policy may not be possible. For example, most online quotes must be for four or fewer vehicles and cannot contain more than 5 drivers. Out-of-state vehicles, or vehicles older than 1980 aren't eligible for online price quotes either.

  2. Check the yellow pages. You can find motorcycle insurance agents in your local yellow pages. Call a local agent and ask for a motorcycle insurance quote. It's doubtful that a local agent can give you a better deal than you can find online, but it's still worth trying.
  3. Contact your current car insurance agent. Many agents also deal with motorcycle insurance. Companies often offer loyalty incentives to customers who hold several types of insurance with the same company. You may be able to get a discount on your motorcycle insurance if you use the same company that already insures your car or house. Ask your current automobile insurer if they can give you a better rate.
  4. How do they determine the price? Your insurance rate depends on a combination of factors ranging from your age, the type of motorcycle you're driving, driving record, where you live and even your credit score.

One of the best ways to lower your insurance rate is to take a motorcycle safety course. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is the primary organization in the United States whose goal is to promote motorcycle safety and awareness. Insurance companies frequently give discounts up to 15% to graduates of Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses. Plus, you might learn a thing or two to make yourself a little safer on the highways.


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