How To Advertise a Car Online

Over the past few years, many more options for advertising your car online have become available. According to the website, about half of used car buyers look on websites before they make their final decision. Online sales and advertisements have exploded. In fact, eBay alone has sold more than 2 million cars. You, too, can join the millions who have sold cars online. Take a look at these services:

Advertise for Free. Although all good things in life come at a price, some listings are free. They may not be quite as effective at getting you a quick sale, but they're helpful at the very least.

  1. According to their website, Craigslist was started a few years ago by a guy in San Francisco named Craig Newmark. It's the 7th largest website that currently exists, and has about 10 million users every month. Best of all, it's free to post ads for just about anything -- including cars! Craigslist is divided by city, and most mid-sized to large cities have their own section of Craigslist.
  2. Postaroo is a site that is similar in design to Craigslist, but it somewhat smaller. Postaroo services about 50 cities throughout the United States. It's another free place to advertise your car, but I wouldn't recommend relying on Postaroo.

Pay Listing. There are numerous websites that offer to help you advertise your car on the web. These pay sites reach more buyers from across the country, and they are comparable in price to print advertising. The advantage to advertising online, however, is that for the same cost as print advertising, you can advertise your car to the entire world instead of only your local community.

  1. This site boasts over 1 million cars every day. It welcomes both dealers and private sellers to advertise their cars on its pages. Prices range from $10 to $30, depending on the sales package that you choose.
  2. claims to be the biggest online advertising service that helps you sell your car. Their biggest claim to fame is that their listings are also shown on other auto websites such as, Yahoo! Autos, and AOL autos. Their premium listing costs about $50, or you can choose to advertise with fewer pictures and details for a lower price.
  3. This site offers three levels of service: Basic, Enhanced and Premium. The premium service costs about $60, and allows you up to 12 pictures, and the listing easily runs for about three months, which is long enough to sell almost any car. According to their website, 65% of used car buyers consult
  4. eBay. The previously mentioned websites were all traditional-type posting websites. You name the price, and wait for somebody to call or email with an offer. Although eBay also offers that service through its "Buy It Now" listings, it also offers auction-type ads.

    eBay Motors is your best choice for online auctions. Multitudes of dealers and private sellers have made eBay their online showroom. This division of eBay offers listings on cars, boats, motorcycles, and even airplanes. Expect to pay about $80 to list a car on eBay Motors.


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