How To Find Driver's Ed Practice Tests

So you or your child has passed driver's ed, but you still have to take the test. You want to be prepared but may not know how best to prepare yourself. Well you're not alone, which is why driver's ed practice tests exist. In this article I will list the different resources that can be used to locate and obtain driver's ed practice tests that will help you prepare for and pass your driver's ed test.

  1. Your first step when searching for driver's ed practice tests should always be your local DMV office. Since they are the ones who administer the test in most cities and states, it is only natural that in most cases they should carry driver's education practice tests, or at least a driver's handbook. If you don't know where to find your local DMV office, a great online resource to help you is at FindLaw. That site will link you to your state's DMV office, where you can learn its location and gain information as to what resources are available to help you.
  2. If the information you seek is not found at your local DMV office, or if you simply want more driver's ed practice tests, the next place you should look is at your local high school. In most cases this resource will probably only be helpful to current students, and may not be as useful to adults seeking driver's ed practice tests. Many schools teach driver's ed courses and, therefore, should have a variety of driver's ed practice tests available. Even if your local school does not offer a driver's ed course, it may still have the materials available to you. The best place to check is with the driver's ed teacher, if one exists. If not, check with a guidance counselor.
  3. Young girl driving a carYour next step in your search for driver's ed practice tests should be your local library. Local libraries carry a wealth of information and resources on many topics, and driver's ed is usually one of them. Check with your local librarian to see if they have any driver's ed books or driver's ed practice tests available. If you do not know where to locate your closest local library, a great online resource to help you is at Public Libraries.
  4. Lastly, I will advise you to look for driver's ed practice tests online. This is perhaps the best resource if you are looking for a quick brush-up or simply do not want to leave your home to acquire a practice test. There are many internet sites available to help you, two of which I would recommend above the others because they both provide free practice tests and resources to help you get your driver's license or permit. The first site is DMV Practice Tests. It presents you with a list of states; click on your state to receive free driver's ed practice tests. The second site I recommend visiting is's Online Study Guide. This link will take you directly to one of the ten available practice tests. Navigation to the other tests is simple.

Practice until you feel comfortable and confident. Study hard, and good luck!


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