How To Check Your Driver's License Status

Find Ways to Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles About Your License

Do you need to check the status of your driver's license, but don't know how to do so? Then you have come to the right place!

In this article, I will explain to you all the different ways you can check the status of your driver's license.

  1. The number one place to check is at your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office. Since that office issues the license for your state and county, it is the best place to inquire about the status. As an additional reason for inquiring there, the DMV will be able to give you information about what, if anything, is wrong with your license -- from renewing it to a suspended license. If it is not valid at the time of inquiry, the DMV can advise you on how to get the issue resolved. You may want to choose one of the other options listed below to check your status if you believe that yours is not valid and you have no one to transport you to the DMV office; no one should ever drive with a license that might have been suspended, expired, or revoked.
  2. Another option you have when trying to checkWoman showing her driver's license your license status is to make a phone call to your local DMV office. The phone number for your office can be found in your local phone book. You could use this option for a quick reference or if you are not able to travel to your local office. However, information obtained over the phone may not be as useful or dependable as that obtained in person. So this option should only be used if you cannot get to your DMV office.
  3. Your last option when trying to get information, and perhaps the most convenient, is to visit your state's DMV website. Not all state offices have the option available online to check your  status, but many do. To find your state's DMV office website, pay a visit to The Auto Exchange. This site will provide you with a by-state list of websites. Just click on your state and look under the online services or driver's license heading. As mentioned above, not all states allow you to check the status online. If you are unable to check online, you will have to resort to one of the other options listed above.

I hope that this article was helpful in providing you with the different options available for checking the status of your driver's license. Remember, if it is not valid, please take the needed steps to resolve the issue, and please do not ever drive with an invalid license.


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