Attach a Rearview Mirror

It has happened to some of us at one time or another, you reach for the rearview mirror to adjust the angle and it falls off into your hand. Our rearview mirror endures a lot of use over time, it is no wonder we may find it on the car floor or seat. We use it to see traffic out of the rear window, to back up, or to look at the kids in the backseat when they are too quiet. The rearview mirror holds our air fresheners, crosses, sunglasses, and good luck charms. The adhesive that binds our rearview mirror is exposed to the elements of the bone chilling winter air, and the scorching summer heat, even though it is located inside our car. To reattach the rearview mirror to your windshield is quick and easy to do following the steps below.

To replace your rearview mirror, you will need to purchase a rearview mirror attachment kit from your auto part store. This kit contains the adhesive, and the cleaner you will need to reattach your mirror onto your front windshield.

  1. The first step is to thoroughly clean the area where your rearview mirror was attached. Using a single edge razor, scrap the remaining glue from the window, follow up by using the cleaner in the kit, or rubbing alcohol. Allow this area to dry thoroughly.
  2. Next you want to remove the mounting plate from your rearview mirror. Take a small screw driver and loosen the small screw that secures your mirror to the mounting plate. Using a single edge razor blade, carefully scrape off the adhesive from the mounting plate. Clean the entire plate with cleaner or rubbing alcohol, set aside to dry.
  3. The adhesive that comes with your rearview mirror attachment kit is not as tricky as it looks. Gently press on the tube with your forefinger and thumb to break the vial inside. This will release the bonding agents to mix, activating them. Working quickly, applies this adhesive to the mounting plate, and presses it firmly to the front windshield where you want your mirror. You can use any tape to hold it in place while the adhesive dries.
  4. Once the adhesive is dry, you are now ready to secure the mirror to the mounting plate. After you remove the tape from the mounting plate, line up the notch of your mirror over the mounting plate and slide the mirror in to place, finish this last step by tightening the little screw. You now have completed reattaching your rearview mirror.


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