How To Attend the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction

The Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction takes place every year in the month of January. The auction was launched by Tom Barrett and Russ Jackson, who are both avid car collectors, in 1960. Since then it has always been the event to watch out for, for car collectors and just ordinary people who love to attend the auction. It was dubbed as “The Greatest Car Show on Earth”.

1.    Attend as a bidder
If you want to get closer to the collector cars, then you might want to attend the auction as a bidder. You can sign up for your attendance as a bidder, then enjoy the benefits. Aside from getting close enough to the cars to view and inspect, you also get invited to various events at the auction. You get to attend the fashion show and enjoy VIP treatment for the whole event.

2.    Take the family on Family Value Day
On Family Value Day your children who are below five years old will get to attend the event for free, and you and your wife get to enjoy a half priced admission fee. There will be lots to do and see at the event for the whole family. You and your family will get to do a lot of shopping for various products, and the kids can enjoy children’s events that will keep them busy for hours. There is lots of food and drinks at restaurants and bars at the Barrett-Jackson event site to enjoy.

3.    Visit the exhibits
You may want to watch car exhibits at the auction, where car owners bring in their prized cars to display at the exhibit. You will get to see all sorts of automobiles, from the classics to modern cars and even experimental cars that will be on display at the exhibit. There will be car shows at the Barrett-Jackson event that you can watch with the family, as drivers show off their driving skills on different types of cars. If you are restoring your own classic car, you will enjoy the different restoration products on sale, and you will get loads of information on how to properly restore certain models, and the proper maintenance techniques to ensure your classic car gets the right care. You will also get the chance to talk to the car owners and find out if there are cars you might want to purchase or sell in the future.

The classic car auction that happens in January is the biggest event for the whole year, but there are other events that are held in other months of the year. You can check out the schedules at the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company’s official website and see which events you might be available to attend.


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