Break into Your Car to Retrieve Your Keys

Have you ever forgotten or locked your keys inside the car? Normally, your first reaction is to call your local locksmith to do all the work, though it will cost you a lot of money just to unlock your car.

Why call a locksmith, if you know a way to recover your keys that are apparently secured inside your own car. If you don’t want to waste money, and you don’t want to break your car’s window, then here is how you can break into your own car to retrieve your keys without damaging it:

  1. First thing is to check all your doors to see if they are all locked up.
  2. Second is to check your insurance policy to see if there is a provision for a locksmith.

You have two options, depending on the materials that you have.
First option in opening your car to retrieve your keys requires this material:

  • Slim Jim – a thin strip of metal usually made from string steel, it is approximately 60 centimeters in length and 2-4 centimeters in width. A Slim Jim is a tool used to unlock automobile doors without the use of a lock pick or a key. It operates directly on the levers and intersecting rods that control the door. The hook on the top of the tool is inserted between the car’s window and rubber seal catching the bars that connect the lock device.

Steps in using a Slim Jim tool to break into your car:

  1. Take the Slim Jim and insert it between the window and door frame, then place it where the lock is positioned.
  2. Hold the Slim Jim to the right and yank it until you open the car.
  3. Your car is open you can get the keys and operate your vehicle.

If you are using an automatic lock on your vehicle you can use this second option:

  • Two solid wedges (plastic)
  • Coat hanger or a heavy gauge wire
  • A rubber band or a rubber tip of a wire

Steps in opening your car using these materials:

  1. Slide the first wedge into the gap on the door. This is where the body meets the door.
  2. Slightly pry the door so that you can budge the second wedge in. This will create a gap between the door and the body.
  3. Once you have the opening, straighten your coat hanger and slip it in. The point in doing this is for you to reach the “unlock button” inside your car. This is usually placed underneath the window.  The importance of the rubber bond on the tip of the hanger is to have a grip on the lock button.
  4. Now after you have placed your coat hanger on the lock button, you’ll just need to press it and the door will be unlocked.

You have just opened your car without damaging it, and you didn’t ask for any help from a locksmith, and it didn’t cost you money and time, except for effort of course. This will be applicable to any car. Be aware, however, if you ask someone for assistance. Be sure that they are trustworthy.


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