How To Buy an Antique Car

An antique car may increase in value enough to cover your initial cost and possibly even enough to pay back any expenses you had restoring it.

The number of antique cars available creates a wide range of prices and value. Some have reached a certain level and just do not bring in as much as others when sold. Body styles and engine configurations also affect the value of antique cars.

There are many choices, but a major one is do you want to restore the car yourself, or buy one that is already restored? Either way there is a lot of enjoyment to be had. An already restored car gives you the opportunity to take it to various shows and competitions as soon as it is yours. Buying one that needs restoring may take years to complete and can involve a lot of hands on work and expense. For some, this is the joy of buying an antique car. They would not have it any other way. Spending weekends searching junkyards for obscure parts is part of the adventure. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from rebuilding an antique car from scratch. Knowing what every part of it looks like, and where the parts came from, gives the owner a great feeling of accomplishment.

Antique cars make a great father and son project or family project. It is becoming more common to see husbands and wives working together to complete the restoration of an antique car. Other people like to buy an antique car in unrestored condition and then pay someone else to do the restoration. They are still heavily involved and have the adventure of finding skilled mechanics and craftsmen to do the work. There are so many areas of expertise that you would have to hire someone to do at least some of the restoration work. Very few people have the skill to knwo how to do body work, mechanical work, and upholstery replacement.

When the antique car is finally complete you have a vehicle you can be proud of. Some people had so much fun restoring the car that they immediately put it up for sale so they can buy another antique car, and start all over again. Others wind up driving it a few years and then passing it on to the next generation.

Some restored cars sit around for twenty years or so and wind up being restored again by a family member who witnessed the first restoration as a child.

If you want to have a fun and rewarding experience buy an antique car.


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