Change a Hubcap

Hubcaps are an essential piece of equipment on a car. This is one area where you can show your personality and style without spending a lot of money or time. Changing a hubcap is a simple process once you know how the hubcap is attached to the wheel.

There are generally three different ways a hubcap can attach to the wheel:

  1. The easiest type to replace is the hubcap that just pops off from the wheel. These are known as clip-on hubcaps.
  2. Another easy type of hubcap to change is a hubcap that is attached to the wheel by small screws.
  3. The last type is a hubcap that is attached to the wheel using the lug nuts, which requires those to be removed before the hubcap can be changed.

If you are lucky enough to change a hubcap on a vehicle with hubcaps that are the clip-on type, all you have to do to change a hubcap is to squeeze together the spring clip holding the hubcap to the wheel and pull it off. Then you can easily replace the hubcap with one of your choice. The downside to clip-on hubcaps is that they tend to pop off when a driver hits a large pothole.

Replacing a hubcap with a bolt retention system is also relatively easy. These types of hubcaps may hide a single screw or a number of screws under a small plastic cover. These will need to be removed first, and then you can take a screwdriver and remove the screws from the hubcap. This type of hubcap can come loose over time with the vibration of the vehicle, but with proper inspection you can avoid this situation.

If your hubcap is bolted onto the tire using the tire's lug nuts, changing a hubcap will require taking off the lug nuts just as if you were changing the tire. The same safety precautions should be taken when changing a hubcap attached by the lug nuts. Once the hubcap is off, you can reattach the lug nuts and use a different type of hubcap for your car.

Because it is so easy to replace hubcaps on almost any type of vehicle, the hard part may be choosing what type of hubcap you want to put on your car, truck, or SUV.


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