How To Find Custom Car Paint Brands: Auto Body Paint

Learn About Custom Car Painting and How To Choose the Best Brand

Car paints are used for auto detailing or repainting of cars. There are a lot of brands available today so it is finding is not the problem.  The challenge is choosing the right brand for your needs. You will want to purchase the best car paint so that the body paint will last. You can choose from an array of colors including solid colors, metallic finishes and more. 

Here are some of the best custom car paint brands that you can use on your automobile:

  1. Diamont. Diamont is a brand that is well-known when it comes to auto body paint. You can choose from different paint colors, such as black, gold, silver, yellow, green, red, white, blue and more. There are also reducers, clears, undercoats, basecoat tint bases and hardeners that are available from the brand. This is a brand that provides quality paints and colors for car detailing jobs.
  2. House of Kolor. House of Kolor is another company that is well known for providing paints for auto painting jobs. This is one of the most popular shops for car paints. Jon Kosmoski, the founder of House of Kolor, has had over 50 years of experience when it comes to custom auto painting jobs. Some of the items that you can purchase from this company include prep or undercoat paints, shimrin bases, acrylic lacquers, urethane and polyurethane and other specialty products.
  3. Duramix. Duramix provides different paint colors for your car. They have repair bottles for car repairs dealing with dents and scratches. The plastic repair will make repair jobs easier and will leave your cars looking good as new. Other items from Duramix include general adhesives, foams, panel adhesives and sealants.
  4. Matrix System Automotive Finishes. Matrix system has a lot of paints specially made for auto detailing and custom car painting. The products that they have are primers, clear coats, hardeners and activators, solvents&reducers and more. Matrix is very well known for supplying quality products without breaking your budget. They also have a quick fix aerosol line or spray paints that can be used for your car. This is a great solution for small dents and gashes that you may have on your car
  5. Trinity 1945. This is another brand that provides quality paints. They have different types of paint that come in unique and bold colors. You will surely be able to find what you are looking for from Trinity 1945. Their products include acrylic enamel paints, urethane and acrylic primers, clear coats, base coats and more. You can also purchase paint kits if you are planning to paint your car on your own.

You can look at the official websites of the different brands so that you will have an idea on the general price of each type of paint that you will need and how to use them. You can also look at the unique and exotic paints that each brand has to offer if you are planning to do something out of the ordinary to your vehicle.


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