DIY Auto Body Repairs: 8 Easy Car Fixes You Can Do Yourself

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Are you getting gypped? How many times do you go to the auto shop for something small and end up with a huge bill? Gotta pay for the labor!

Does it really cost that much to have someone replace your battery or your air filter? It shouldn't.

Why? If it was that hard, you wouldn't be able to do it yourself, but you totally can.

Stop wasting money on DIY auto body repairs. You can do it yourself - even if you know nothing about cars. Learn more below.

Engine Air Filter

When was the last time you changed your air filter? No not in your house, your AC unit or your vape. In your car?

It's a small and very cheap repair that will change the way your car works for the better. It actually will save you money on fuel efficiency along the way.

So what it is? Your engine air filter. The engine air filter is what your engine uses to intake air. It's involved with combustion, intake - anything in your car that needs oxygen.

And changing it is easy! All you need to do is google your car model and find out what air filter it needs. Then, go to your local auto parts store and order that part.

You can also buy them online.

Once it's in hand, open up your car's hood and looked for a black plastic box with clips of some sort on the side. It won't be complex, they rarely need tools to open.

If you're struggling, google your cars name and air filter replacement to see how it's opened.

Then take out the old air filter and put the new one in. It couldn't be easier.

Put the cap back on and listen for it to snap in place. Discard the old air filter in the trash and you're on your way!

Change Your Battery

If it's time to change your battery, which is every four to six years, there are two ways you'll know. Either the car will sound weak when starting or you'll find yourself with a dead battery.

Hopefully, it's the first one since the second is a call to your roadside service. If you want to avoid needing to call someone, battery amps are rechargeable and relatively cheap. They're tiny and fit in the back of your car.

Once it starts again, go to your local car parts store and get a new battery. Some even have loaner tools you can use to switch it over.

With the loaner tools, loosen the battery cables. Do the negative cable first, then disconnect the positive one.

Put the new battery in place but be careful not to tip or drop the old battery. It has liquid in it that can hurt you and the environment.

With the new battery in place, connect the positive charge first and the negative cable last. This is important to remember. Neg out first, neg in last.

It'll keep you from accidentally short-circuiting your car!

Make sure the battery is tight and doesn't move when you pull up on the connecting cables.

Then, and this is important, take the old battery back/ into the auto parts store. Most will give you a rebate when you bring it back.

The rebate comes off what you paid - if your battery costs $80, you may pay $150. That extra money will go straight back onto your card when you bring the old battery in.

You give them your old battery and they give you your money back. Everyone, including the earth, wins!

Flush Your Coolant

The other air-related fix on here has to do with your temperature system, inside and out. You know how your car needs coolant so that the engine doesn't overheat, especially in hot climates?

Well, the coolant cools the radiator, which can house buildup. The best way to clear the build-up and return the radiator to its highest functioning level is with a system flush.

Go to the auto parts store and get some radiator flush solution, along with a new bottle of coolant and something to put the old stuff in. If you don't' have a funnel at home, grab one of those too.

When you get home, park in the shade and let the car cool down from driving completely. Read your manual to find out where your drain plug is.

Put the receptacle under it FIRST, then open the plug and drain out your old fluid. Add the radiator flush cleaning solution to the open radiator cap and fill up the rest with water.

Put the cap back on and start your car. Let it warm up and then turn your heater to the hottest it goes and leave it for 10 minutes.

Then turn the car off and let it cool down again. Do not handle the engine when it's hot!

When it's cool, go through the draining process again and make sure it's clean. Plug the drain again and add your new coolant.

Bring your old discarded liquids to an auto store. If an animal or your pet gets ahold of it, they will die. It tastes sweet, but it's fatal.

Windshield Wipers

When was the last time you replaced your wipers? They don't have a very long life. The action items are thin strips of plastic that experience high-friction.

Replacing them is cheap and only takes minutes to do.

Lift the blades so they stick up into the air. Look at how the old blades connect. Push the release tab to get the old ones off.

Take the new ones and pop them into place. Push the wipers back down onto your windshield and you're done!

It's simple and easy. But you know what's not? Windshield repairs. Learn about reliable windshield replacement here.

DIY Auto Body Repairs

As you can see from the quick four repairs above, there's no reason to spend $250 at the auto shop, just for things you could do for less than $50 alone.

One or two hours on the weekend and you're done with your DIY auto body repairs. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Want more easy-peasy guides to auto repair? We've got everything you need here.


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