Whether driving in light traffic in the countryside on a Sunday afternoon or making a weekday commute in big city traffic, every automobile driver must make driving safety a priority. Our Driving Safety section covers a wide range of articles all dealing with safe driving topics; each one is designed to provide a kind of driving safety support system for drivers of all ages who want to learn how to operate their automobiles as safely as possible.
Driving safety not only makes good sense, it can often help reduce the amount a driver pays for automobile insurance. It's a proven fact that drivers who take online safety courses and learn driving safety tips for work as well as pleasure drives greatly reduce their chances of causing or being involved in an automobile accident.
Because road conditions and weather conditions are changing constantly, today's automobile driver should know the most important 20 safety tips for driving in order to keep himself, his passengers and other drivers on the road safe. Snow and icy conditions mean you'll need to have good winter driving safety habits, while streets made slick by rainfall create totally different driving conditions. Likewise, driving safety requires different skills for night driving safety than are required for safely driving during daylight hours.
How to handle a variety of emergency situations while driving is also covered in this section. You'll find advice on fending off a carjacking attempt, dealing with road rage, avoiding tailgaters, handling running out of gas and falling asleep at the wheel, or handling such equipment malfunctions as sudden brake failure or a stuck gas pedal. Are car alarms beneficial against theft? Do you know what to do if a tire goes flat? These articles are a guidebook rivaling the best online driving safety course.
Driving safety is everyone's responsibility and these safety driving topics provide what might be life-saving expert advice for driving in road and traffic conditions.

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