Dude, Where's My Cash? How To Sell Your Old Car for Cash (Fast!)

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Each year about 27 million vehicles reach the end of their useful life. This can happen because the car is in an accident and suffers a lot of damage or because the car is so old it fails to run. 

If you're facing either of these situations, you'll find that it costs more than the car is worth to fix it. This is when it's smart to sell your old car for cash. 

This guide will help you sell your car fast for cash. 

When to Sell Your Car

Selling your car for cash is a fast and easy way to get rid of your old car and put money in your pocket to buy a new one. There are a variety of reasons you should consider when deciding if selling your car for cash is the right choice. 

  • Cost to maintain is too high 
  • Cost of repair is too high 
  • Fuel economy is too low 
  • Lacking in safety features 

Older cars tend to fall short when it comes to fuel economy and safety features. 

Park It 

The traditional way of selling your car for cash is to park it on the side of the road with a sign. This isn't the fastest option and limits you to people who physically drive by the vehicle. The advantage is that you have complete control over your asking price and offer acceptance. 

List It 

You can advertise your car for sale in the newspaper, on listing websites, or social media. This can be slightly faster as you're getting it in front of more people. However, it can still take time for the right person to offer you the cash you want for it. 

Trade It 

You can take your car to a dealer and trade it in for a newer vehicle. This is easy and convenient but won't get you the most value for your vehicle. The dealer will lower their offer to give them a profit margin when they sell the car. 

You also won't get the cash for your old car because that value gets applied to your new car. 

Scrap It 

Taking your car to a junkyard and selling it for scrap metal is the easiest way of selling cars fast. However, you won't get the most money for it. The junkyard or other scrap service will only give you the cash value of the metal in the vehicle. 

This means the amount you get will vary based on the size, weight, and metal volume. 

Online Cash Buyer 

A smart choice for most people is to get a free instant quote from an online cash buyer. There's no obligation, you can get multiple quotes, and you can complete the sale quickly. 

The offer you get will be based on the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle. This results in a more accurate and fair cash offer. Cash cars sold through this method get picked up for free, which makes getting rid of the car easy for you. 

Sell Your Old Car Today 

If you're ready to sell your old car, then consider these options to determine which method is the best for your situation. Now that you know how to sell your car fast, you can make the most of the situation and ensure you get the best deal for your old car. 

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