How To Know Equipment Used in Auto Detailing

Having your car cleaned and maintained is important so that the car will be preserved and you are sure that it is always in good running condition. Auto detailing centers clean and polish the interior and exterior of the car so that it will look as good as new. You can also clean your car with a vacuum and a rag, but the outcome will not be as good as if you bring your car to an auto detailing center. This is because they use special equipment and supplies that are especially made for cleaning cars.

Here are some of the equipment and supplies that are used in an auto detailing center:

  1. Spyder HP60 Auto Detail Extractor. This is a compact size vacuum that is used to clean the interior of a vehicle for car washing. Its small size allows it to fit it small spaces. It is strong enough to suck all the dirt out of the inside of your car. This equipment also comes with a built-in dryer that can be used to dry the interior of the car after shampooing.

  2. Trusted Clean Automotive Galaxy 12 Gallon Car Detailer. This equipment is used for getting out dirt that is deeply embedded in the carpet or the crevices of your vehicle. It also comes with heat so that the interior will be dried fast. This equipment comes with wheels for easier transportation. The tools that are included with this equipment are a stainless steel detailer tool, a solution hose and a 25-foot vacuum.
  3. Meguiar's M205 Ultra Finishing Polish. This solution is used for car polishing. It makes the color of the car paint appear glossy and rich. This is also a good solution to use as it does not leave swirl marks on the vehicle after application.
  4. Black Metallic Urethane Basecoat Clear Coat Kit. This auto painting kit includes all the necessary materials that you have to use for painting your car. Before painting your car, it is good to research some helpful tips on how to do it. You can usually find a lot of tips on an auto detailing forum online.
  5. 2 Gallon Spotter with Detailing Tool. This is a mobile detailing tool that is easy to use and handy. It comes in a small size, but it is capable of getting the desired results for the car detail. This equipment comes in an upright casing for the vacuum motor. This makes the lifetime of the vacuum longer. This is ideal for removing stains and dirt from the interior of the car.

These are some of the helpful pieces of equipment used in auto detailing. It is best to choose the equipment that will make the job of cleaning your car easier. If you want to have your own auto detailing equipment, you can check out several auto detailing websites. They have brand new auto detailing that you can purchase for a sale price. You can also purchase your own car paint kit if you want to change the color of your vehicle. These car detailing tools and supplies are all available to purchase online.


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