How To Get European Break Down Cover Rates

Most of us have never heard of a vehicle break down cover or car break down recovery. However, if you're in the UK or anywhere in Europe, it's a fairly common type of insurance. Having this kind of insurance will assure you that if your car breaks down, you won't have to spend a lot of money. One drawback of European break down cover is that it is quite expensive. Also, you might never make use of it, especially if your car doesn't break down at all before you buy another one. Note also that vehicle break down cover is not legally required.

However, this kind of insurance has its advantages, too, and if you get it, you'll never have to worry when your car does break down. There are a lot of insurance companies from which you can choose.

Tesco offers break down cover at £26 a year. It might be more expensive than other break down insurance, but it boasts of fast response when your car breaks down. If Tesco doesn't reach you in an hour, you can claim £10. It also has a good car breakdown recovery service, as all vehicles are fixed by the roadside. You can get back on the road right away. Tesco insures your vehicle for all drivers and if you have two cars, you can save money by getting its two-vehicle policy. Best of all, it offers reassurance in coordination with Green Flag.

Green Flag meanwhile, offers a personalized break down cover. You won't have to pay as much as other insureds. All you have to do is visit their site, answer some questions, and get your personalized quote. When your car breaks down, its UK call center will try to answer your call in 20 seconds. If you have to go somewhere, then you can pre-book and have an appointment later in the day. Green Flag claims that it takes only 30 minutes for its mechanics to reach your car when it breaks down. It has a network of break down experts all over the UK, which means they can respond to you quickly wherever you might be.

Britannia Rescue has been offering car break down assistance for over 25 years. It has over 3,000 break down professionals all over the UK and its average roadside response is 40 minutes. Britannia offers round-the-clock service both in the UK and Europe.

RAC also offers European Breakdown Cover. RAC can arrange for your car to be repaired by the roadside or towed to a garage nearest the place. It can offer this service in 47 countries in Europe! It can even arrange for you and up to a maximum of seven of your passengers to be returned to the UK when necessary. Its English-speaking Incident Managers are available 24/7.

You can check the web sites of all the companies mentioned above and find out more about their features. However, you can also visit web sites that allow you to compare break down cover quotes, such as eComparison. eComparison lets you compare and review break down cover quotes in one place, so you can save time and money.

When you get European break down cover quotes, compare them and pick the one which best suits your needs. Drive safely!


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