How To Find Compressor Parts

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The use of air compressors is important in various applications where lower volumes or higher pressures of gas are needed. Examples would be refrigerators and air conditioners, gas turbine systems, pipeline transport of purified gas, industrial plants that compress gases, pressurized aircrafts, jet engines, scuba diving cylinders, submarines, superchargers and turbochargers, rail and road vehicle brakes, high pressure cylinders for medical and wielding purposes, etc. If you need to find air compressor parts, here’s a list of top stores and companies where you can get them.

  1. McKenzie Equipment Company, Inc. McKenzie Equipment Company has been in business since 1960 and is known to provide not only excellent products but effective customer service as well, whether it be in their shop, the field, or online. It has grown from only a small facility with a few employees to a full scale company with branches in five different Texas cities. McKenzie is a source for a range of high-quality brand name air compressors that include the following: Quincy air compressors, Sullivan-Palatek air compressors—an electric and diesel driven high performance rotary screw compressor, Bauer air compressors—used for high pressure breathing air, industrial air, plastics technology, natural gas and inert gas compression, Powerex air compressors—a compressor that specializes in dry compression, and Kobaleco air compressors, oil free and flooded—two-stage rotary screw compressors that do not allow oil to get inside the compression chambers. Aside from these quality products, McKenzie also offers unlimited 24/7 field repair and service for areas in South and Central Texas, plus the entire Gulf Coast, and also unlimited 24/7 shop repair and service for customers local and worldwide.
  2. Compressor Parts Store. Compressor Parts Store is an online store that updates their product line-up daily. You are free to browse their featured products at, and they can ship your orders within 24 hours. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you should send your queries to [email protected] They have parts for Ingersoll Rand air filters, replacement filters, and different types of compressor parts for various brands.
  3. Every Air True to its business name, Every Air provides just about every kind of air compressor available. They have brand name compressors like Ingersoll Rand, Campbell Hausfeld, Jet, Hitachi, Grip Rite, Lincoln Electric, Premier Air Systems, and many more. They provide air compressors used for the household, and for hobbies, mechanic shops, air dryers, professional contractors, etc. No matter what it is, you would surely find the specific compressor that you need at Well, any compressor that is, except for a video compressor! They also provide free shipping and hassle-free returns. They are currently holding a sale on select Ingersoll Rand compressors.
  4. CPR Industries. CPR Industries is another well-established company and for many years have been known to be an airconditioning and refrigeration compressor parts remanufacturing repair specialist. They have facilities in South El Monte, California, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Need air compressor parts ASAP? Don’t worry, just check these companies out and they’ll be sure to provide you with the kind of products and services that you need. And since there are many other reliable companies and stores, manufacturers and suppliers of air compressor parts, you can just search for them online.


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