How To Save Gas with an SUV

If you own an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), then you already know that these trucks can be gas hogs! But they don't always have to go through as much gas as you think. Make a few changes and you'll see a big drop in your gas consumption! Save yourself some money by reading up on these gas-saving tips for SUVs.  

Step 1

Do regular maintenance on your SUV. To get good gas mileage out of your SUV, make sure that you take it in for a tune-up on a regular basis. If your SUV is relatively new, it probably still has a suggested maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. If not, take it in for oil changes every 3 months or 3000 miles. And make sure that you keep your fluids topped-up and your ail filter clean. As well, ensure that you keep your tires properly inflated. (This will help to lower your drag, a great gas-saving measure.) You also want to make sure that your wheels are properly aligned. Your mechanic can and should do this for you to ensure that off-balance tires aren't wasting gas.

Step 2

Make sure you drive at a constant pace. As an SUV owner, you can easily make a few gas-saving changes to your driving habits. First of all, try to drive at an even pace. If you are constantly speeding up and slowing down, you'll lower your gas mileage. Keep your SUV moving at a steady speed and your engine won't work as hard. If you have it, use your cruise control features (especially on the highways) to help you maintain a steady speed. This will really save you on gas.

Another gas-saving tip for SUV owners is to slow down. If you make your SUV travel at higher (and dangerous) speeds, you will inevitably cause your engine to work at a higher RPM, which burns more gas. Travelling at a lower speed allows SUV owners to save gas because it requires less of the engine.

Step 3

Buy good-quality gas. Another way that SUV owners can save a ton on gas is to buy a high-quality gasoline. Fill your SUV with better gas, and your engine will run cleaner and smoother. As a result, you'll burn less gas (and you'll require less engine maintenance by keeping your fuel lines full of only the good stuff!) It is not necessary to buy premium gas. Just buy your gasoline for your SUV from a reputable seller.

Step 4

Avoid hauling heavy loads. Your SUV burns through a lot of gas with a heavy load. So if you don't need to pull or tow something, don't. Lessen your load and you'll lessen your SUV's gas bill.

Step 5

Skip the drive-through. Contrary to popular belief, you will save money if you turn off your SUV, even for a few seconds, as opposed to letting it run. So if you're stuck at a railway crossing, turn off the power to your SUV. Idling costs you money because it wastes gas. And if you're torn between hitting the drive-thru or going inside of a restaurant or bank, go inside. You'll be saving hundreds in gas ever year by not running your SUV unnecessarily.


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