Get the Best Clean: 5 Car Cleaning Tricks for an Easy Clean

cleaning front part of car with soap

Do you struggle to get your car clean? Do you end up with streaks covering the entire body of your vehicle?

If this sounds like you, then you'll need to learn the best way to clean a car. There is a knack for cleaning cars, and we'll talk you through the best way to get your car clean. 

Here are the top five car cleaning tricks for an easy clean. 

1. Use the Right Soap

Hand dishwashing liquid is an excellent decreaser, but it's not something to use on your car. It might lift out the old wax, as well as the grease and dirt; however, it will suck the oil right out of your paintwork.

The more you use it, the worse your paint job will be and you'll need to look for new cars for sale so you can replace your current ride.

It is essential to use the correct cleaner designed for use with vehicles. 

Mix a bucket with soapy suds, and have a second bucket of clean water. As you wash your car, rinse off your mitt in the clean water often. 

2. Polish the Finish 

It is important to note that polishing and waxing are not the same things. Don't confuse them. 

Polishing involves working on the small imperfections and scratches and buffing your paintwork until it shines. Waxing provides a glossy finish and helps protect your car. 

Many drivers skip the polishing stage because it involves a lot of work. But it is an essential step. Make sure and invest time in polishing your car before you wax it. 

3. Suck the Dust as You Clean

When cleaning the interiors, start off by cleaning the dashboard and seats. Don't clean the floor until the end. 

Using a small brush and a vacuum hose, brush all of the dust that lingers around all of your air vents. 

Get the vacuum hose in there are suck up the dust as you clean it and it will stop the dust from flying around your car. 

4. Scraping Off Sticky Marks

Do you have sticky marks inside your window? These can be a pain to get rid of. If you try and rub them, they will just smear. 

Instead, use a paint scraper

Spray the sticky patch with a small amount of glass cleaner, and then scrape away the glue as it softens. Have a cloth to hand so that you can wipe the glue off the scraper as you go. 

5. Slide Seats Forward to Clean

It is amazing what lurks under your car seats. If you want to get the best clean of your car floors, push your seats as far forward as possible when you are vacuuming. 

With your front seats pushed forward, you'll be able to get right in there are clean up all of the dirt that hides behind your seats. 

Making Use of the Best Car Cleaning Tricks

Using a combination of the right cleaning products and techniques will help you to make your car look like new. Be sure to have everything needed in hand so the job will go smoothly.

Now that you know the best car cleaning tricks, you can set to work on making your car shine.  For more great tricks and tips, be sure and explore the rest of the site. 


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