How Much Does an Exotic Rental Car Cost?

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Some people dream of driving a luxury car. The only problem is...they're expensive. The good news is, anyone can purchase an exotic rental car for a day. 

Wouldn't it be nice to ride around in style without the commitment of buying an exotic car? Well, it's possible!

If you're curious to learn more about exotic car rental prices, continue reading the information below.

Where to Purchase an Exotic Rental Car

There are exotic car rental providers everywhere--especially in major cities. You may have a hard time finding one in a small town, but in places like Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles... you'll definitely find one.

In those cases, they operate just like a standard rental car provider. There's additional paperwork and details needed for exotic cars, but temporarily leasing one is relatively easy.

You can get an exotic rental car from a place like in MPH club. They have multiple locations in Florida. Click the highlighted link to learn more about them.

Exotic Car Rental Prices

The price you pay for a luxury car depends on the make and model that you get. Obviously, there are some vehicles that are more expensive than others. Therefore, they require a heftier daily rental price. 

Here a few examples:

Corvette Stingray

This type of sports car only costs about $400 per day, depending on the rental company that you lease from. It's a pretty basic sports car, so it'll only run you a few hundred dollars a day. It's a nice option for individuals who want to drive a sports car, but don't need anything too fancy.

Range Rover

On the other hand, a Range Rover is more like $600 per day. It's considered a luxury vehicle, and it's a bigger automobile as well. This option is good for a group of friends who want to ride in style


A Ferrari is approximately $2,000 per day. As you know, Ferraris are rare and they are an exotic sports car that most people love.

But unless you're in a very wealthy area, you won't see too many of them riding around. This sports car will definitely cost you a decent amount of money to rent per day.


Bentleys are another type of vehicle that is rather expensive. You'll pay roughly $1,800 a day to rent a Bentley. It's a very high-end vehicle that comes with a hefty price tag. But if you want to look good and ride in style, is the perfect option. 


Lamborghinis are another exotic rental car that's high on the list for most people. It costs up to $2,500 a day to rental Lamborghini. However, there are different models for it. 

Depending on the version that you get, you may be able to rent it for a cheaper cost.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royces are top of the line when it comes to luxury. They are some of the most quality vehicles on the market. It costs about $2,000 a day to rent one, but it's well worth it. 

If you are someone who wants to have a nice car for the day, but you're not into sports cars, a Rolls Royce is a superb option.

Reasons to Get an Exotic Car Rental

You may be wondering what type of occasion would warrant an exotic rental car? Well, that all depends on the circumstance.

There are many reasons why people rent luxury cars. Below are a few of them:

Test the Cars

Some people are exotic car enthusiasts, but there are different models that come out each year. It costs a lot to buy a new one annually and sometimes it's hard to know which one you like. However, when you rent a luxury car, it allows you to experience the new model and see if you like it. You may even decide to buy it.

For Fun

Everyone can't afford luxury cars, but they most certainly can have the experience of driving one. Sometimes people just like to have fun and have the excitement of riding around in a Lamborghini. 

The $2,000 daily cost for an exotic rental car doesn't compare to the overall price. It's the best way to enjoy the experience of a luxury vehicle, without needing the funds for it.

Special Occasions

Sometimes an exotic rental car is needed for special occasions. Let's say it's someone's birthday and they are spending it in Miami. Well, they may decide to rent a Ferrari for the weekend. 

It's just a fun way for them to feel good and enjoy their birthday. 

Also, exotic cars are rented for production needs. So, if there's a music video or a movie shoot, then an exotic rental car is used as a way to spice up the scenes.

Furthermore, luxury cars really bring a special touch to big occasions like weddings. The standard vehicle for weddings is normally limousines. But most people like to do something different for the day.

Oftentimes they'll rent Rolls Royces or Bentleys for the wedding party or for the couple to ride in after the ceremony. Again, exotic rental cars are used for leisure and work purposes.

Get an Exotic Rental Car

When it comes to getting an exotic rental car, it's easier than you think. As long as you have the money to make it happen, you too can drive a luxury car. Which exotic car would you love to drive?

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