How To Adjust the Clutch in a Ford Explorer

It is very simple to learn how to adjust the clutch in a Ford Explorer.  First, you should open up the hood and check for the clutch fluid.  If it is low, then you should add more fluid.  Once the clutch fluid is full, you can pump the clutch a few times and see if the level of the fluid goes down.  If it goes down, then there might be a leak in the system and you should take the Ford Explorer in for repair.

Next, you can bleed the system.  This will remove any air bubbles that are present in the clutch system.  You can buy a vacuum online that will help you to bleed the clutch system.  MityVac makes a good vacuum and they are available at  They make a few different models of vacuum and you can order them online if you want to.  They are also available at many other online stores that you can find by doing a simple search.  The vacuum will come with a tank and a hose. 

Fill up the tank with clutch fluid first.  You should then take the cap off of the master cylinder in order to fill it up with the clutch fluid.  You put the hose into the master cylinder and then suck out the air bubbles and the old clutch fluid.  You want to be sure that there are no more air bubbles present in the cylinder.  This will clean out your system and your clutch should perform better if you have done it properly.  You can take it to a shop if you do not want to do it yourself.

Every 100,000 miles it is a good idea to replace the clutch on the Ford Explorer.  They get worn out over time and after driving for 100,000 miles, it is likely that the clutch will have some wear and tear.  You can purchase a new one online or call your local shop to get one installed.  You can find some good deals online so it is a good idea to look before you make any decisions.  Sometimes they have special deals. is a good website to find a deal on a clutch kit.  This kit will come with all of the parts necessary to replace the clutch on your Ford Explorer.  You can add them to your shopping cart and then check out via their online ordering system.  They will ship the parts directly to you and you can call them if you have any questions about your order.  You can also purchase the clutch fluid online if you would like to.  The clutch is a sensitive part of every vehicle so you would need to be careful with it not to wear it out.


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